I got 12 Loot Chests as reward on Splinterlands last season

in Splinterlands2 months ago

The last season on Splinterlands just came to an end recently and it was a fantastic one. Great battle were fought where many battles were won and some were lost.

At the end of the season, I got a reward for my performance as usual and this time I got a 12 Loot Chests.


The 12 Loot Chests consist of

  • Nectar Queen
  • Fire Spitter
  • 57 Dark Energy Crystals
  • Baby Unicorn
  • 1 Alchemy Portion Charge
  • Gelatinous Cube
  • 1 Alchemy Portion Charge
  • 11 Dark Energy Crystals
  • 1 Legendary Portion Charge
  • 1 Alchemy Portion Charge
  • 15 Dark Energy Crystals
  • 1 Alchemy Portion Charge

I got this reward because I finished in Silver III league. I started the league on Bronze II, advanced to Bronze I and I was able to finally unlock the Silver league.


It was indeed a great season. I hope this new season we just started will be better in term of performance for me.

Hope to see you all on the battle ground

Thanks for Dropping By !

Best regards