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Hello Splinterlandians,

today I want to continue my blog series "In The Spotlight", where I explain you all the important stuff about one single card. I will talk about lore and artwork, the stats, the combinations and tactics and I'll show you a battle with the card as an example.

For today I want to talk about Ferexian Hero, who was introduced with the Soulbound Reward cards. He is a legendary card from the fire splinter, which main characteristic is his Weapons Training ability. But let's jump into the details and don't waste time. Have fun while reading and thanks in advance for every sort of support.


Lore and Artwork:

Vadiax Flamehorn, the redhair minotaur, was born in the slave pens of the Ferexian Empire. He never knew his mother. She died giving birth to him, and his father passed away not long after during a deadly scuffle with the slavers' guards.

Vadiax grew up among the gladiatorial warriors that once practiced the old arena sports. When he wasn't laboring in the quarries or working the fields, he learned all he could from the old fighters. It soon became clear that he was a natural warrior, and he quickly mastered the various weapons that his fellows instructed him on, weapons left over from their gladiatorial days that they kept hidden from the slave masters. And as Vadiax grew, his body became tempered from the daily labors and he became obsessed with dreams of escape.

When the Ferexian Empire settled the Great Lowlands of Praetoria, they brought many of their slaves with them to construct castles and fortifications and work the mines and fields. Vadiax and his companions were relocated to the slave pens of Victory Pointe. Plans of escape continued, and Vadiax consorted with many of his compatriots and teachers. However, when the day of reckoning finally came, they were betrayed by a young minotaur seeking the favor of their masters. Vadiax fled with sixty of his brethren, and they were attacked outside the walls of their prison. The battle was brief but savage, with many guards and slaves dying, but the slaves won through and fled into the countryside.

The slave masters sent more guards and mercenaries after them. Vadiax and his comrades defeated them all. To this day, they continue to help those in plight and deal with any wrongdoers as they see fit. They spend much of their time wandering the wilds but occasionally visit Boulderfist Fort in Diagonloft Pass, where they take shelter and rest between various undertakings.

Over the years, the name Vadiax has become renowned throughout the Great Lowlands. It sparks fear in the hearts of the persecutors and gives hope to all those bound by the will of another. The oppressed, who see Vadiax as a paragon of virtue, call him the Ferexian Hero.


With the cost of eight mana points, the Ferexian Hero is categorized in the high mana section. He is a melee attacker with moderate health points and low armor points. His speed stat is moderate, too. So his raw stats aren't that good, but they aren't too bad. He has the Reach and Weapons Traing ability from the first level. The second ability is new to the game and very rare so far. On higher levels he gains the Reflection Shield ability and some mele attack points. All in all he looks like a very interesting card, especially with the Weapons Training ability.

Combinations and Tactics:

  • Most of the time I play the Ferexian Hero in combination with Tarsa, because he and the cards affected by the Weapons Training ability gain one more melee attack point.
  • Basically you play him on the second spot to use his Reach ability.
  • Pair him with no attack monsters on the positions next to him, so you make use of the Weapons Training ability.
  • Good rulesets for Ferexian Hero are Equal Opportunity, Melee Mayhem, Super Sneak (because both monsters affected by Weapons Traing can attack from any position) and Explosive Weaponry (on higher level, when he has the Reflection Shield ability).


Click on the picture to replay the battle

My battle with the Ferexian Hero is a normal ranked battle in the silver league. As rulesets "Equalizer" and "Super Sneak" were active, especially the second is a argument to play Ferexian Hero as I argumented before. I played him on the second position and placed two no attack monsters next to him, so they profited from the Weapons Training ability. Other cards I played were Disintigrator, because I preticted my opponent to play melee attackers, Uraeus and Dumacke Orc in the last position to safe my back.

Like anticipated my opponent played only melee monsters. While his Venari Heatsmith in the first position had no attack points, mine could easily kill his one, because of the Weapons Training. On top of that my Clockwork Aide profited from the Weapons Training and gained the Sneak ability because of the active ruleset.

Because of those synergies in my lineup I was able to win the battle. Ferexian Hero played a big role in this strategy. GG to my opponent @waybillwayne.

Final Words:

Honestly I have to say I don't use Ferexian Hero that often. But if there are the right rulesets active and you have a good strategy to implement the Weapons Training ability in your lineup, Ferexian Hero can be a huge winning condition.

The artwork of the card is just awesome, it looks so mighty and powerful. The lore is very long, which is good in my opinion. And it is exciting to read. The fact that he was a slave and fought for his freedom is very cool.

What do you think about the Ferexian Hero? Thanks for reading and have some nice days!


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