Splinterlands | Art contest 173 | A free to use splinterlands divider

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sl header THUMBNAIL.png

The result

Feel free to use this divider in your posts!

SL header FINISH .png

The idea

The initial idea of creating this divider started when I realized that after writing so many posts I still had no header background image on PeakD/HIVE.

Shame on me...

So I started to work on a simple design where I combined background images and front images (splinterlands monsters and summoners) with a simple line between each section.

The result looked like this:


Which instantly gave me inspiration to create a divider based on this design.

Just making the design a bit less high was basically the start of the design:


The progress

The start

The start was just playing around a bit with different shapes.
I wanted to have a shape that has some link to the hive logo, however, in a subtle way as it's still a splinterlands divider.


SL header 4.png

The borders

It didn't take too long before I was happy with the shape.
However, playing around with the borders turned out to be a longer process.

SL header 5.png

Hive header.png

SL header 6.png
SL header 7.png

SL header 8.png

The details

Eventually I settle with a very subtle border.

Next up, I have this idea of having some smoke coming from underneath the divider.

Actually, to create this "smoke" I used a splinterlands image of a monster. Bonus points for those of you who can find which monster got chopped up and is functioning as divider smoke right here.

SL header 9.png

SL header 10.png

SL Header 11.png

SL Header 12.png

SL Header 13.png

SL Header 14.png

SL Headers 15.png

The models

Even though I was really happy with my "models" for my hive header, I felt like using models that are looking at you worked just a bit better. So I changed the four middle front images.

SL header 16.png

The logo

To finish, I did some minor cleanup on the middle part so that the logo and the border work nicely together.

The final result looks like this.

SL header FINISH .png


I have already created 1 other divider with 4 different models. Just a bonus one that you can also use if you prefer this one.

SL Header 17.png

Do you want more of these?

If you want more dividers, please show that you are interested in these.

I have ideas to create similar dividers but with different models, so you can use the same divider, but always with different characters in the same post.

I feel like this would make posts look pretty cool. But maybe that's just me.

The more people that think this is useful, the more motivated I will be (as it does take some time to actually finish these).

Any other feedback is definitely also welcome!



Wow! These are amazing! I can't wait to use these dividers in my posts! Thank you for these!



Would look nice to use these in my posts.

Also inspires me to create some of my own highlighting my favourite Splinterlands cards!

Really clean look, always love to see some nice dividers.

Thanks for the dividers, they are very good!!


Awesome dividers👍

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Woah super useful art, keep sharing bro 😍

Thanks for the tip!
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nice work


I really like your dividers, you are doing a great job! Would be awesome to use one of them in my posts😁

Thanks! Definitely feel free to do so

That looks cool! Thanks for sharing your expertise!

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Dude, those Dividers are amazing! The best out there for sure. Awesome work :)


Looks great! I will use it in my next blogs, thank you so much :)

absolutely love it and second the idea of making them splinter specific.

Also just a guess but feral spirit for your smoke?

A good guess, but it's not correct 😁

I would love to see 1 of each of these but dedicated to a specific Splinter.... I am font of Earth.. eh hem. ;) Great job on this. I will be using it.

Yeah I have actually had the same idea, might happen in the future!

Thanks for sharing! - castleberry#6859

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