End Of Season 29 Report Card | Total 21 Gold Chests Claimed | Better Rewards Than Previous Season | 4 Gladius Packs Opening.

Hello, my friendly Splinterlands family,
How are you today? I hope you got good rewards at the end of last season.

Another season comes to an end and this means it's time to share the last season's report card of my account.
In this post, I will share the result from the EOS 29 reward chest collection, and the Gladius packs opening.
So, let's go...

EOS Report card.png

As I said earlier, the SPS staking multiplier update affected me a lot. As my SPS staking was minimal, I was only earning a fraction of the RP that I used to earn previously.
I don't have funds to buy and stake enough SPS for the full potential of the silver league, that's why I planned to rent some SPS. But the competition was tough getting enough SPS. So my chest earning are minimal in season 29 and in a downward direction than in other seasons before the SPS staking update.

Let's check out the stats of the account during season 29 first.

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Performance Of The Account

Performance Main Ac.png

The highest league I achieved in season 29 was Silver I - Wild, rating 2063, ranking 184.
I fought 270 battles (lesser than the previous season) and won 144, maintaining a 1.14 W/L ratio, the worst as the previous season. My longest winning streak was 6.
The above stats could've been good if I could play more battles and with a bit improved win rate.

SPS Earnings Report

SPS Earnings.png

As you can see, I only accumulated 66.81 SPS from ranked rewards.
Brawl rewards of 34.22 SPS are good but could've been better if my guild could perform better. There are staking rewards of 14.73 SPS and TD rewards of 7.42 SPS.
All total there are only 123.19 SPS gained in season 28, far less than the previous season.

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Opening 21 EOS Gold Reward Chests

Now, here comes the juicy part, the reward chests opening.
I've collected only 31 Gold chests this season. It's time to open those -

EOS 21 Gold Chests Claim.gif

Gold Chests Reward Summary

Reward Summary.png

Rewards are kinda same as the previous season, a bunch of common SB cards, some merits, and full of potions. But this season, I'm lucky enough to pull 1x CL pack. Getting 1 CL pack from only 21 chests is pretty miraculous. Apart from that, there are 18.87 SPS, better than the previous season.

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Opening 4 Gladius Cases

I'm an active member of the guild Immortal Gods 7 and there are a few spots left for new members.
If you're in search of an active and friendly guild, then this is for you. The only requirement is you should be active in all brawls possible.

I participate in all brawls I can, and, this season I can only accumulate enough merits to buy 3 Gladius cases this time. Let's open those-

4 Gladius Packs Opening.gif

Gladius Cases Reward Summary

Gladius Pack Summary.png

A legendary card, a gold foil card and the Quora Towershead, this time I got extra lucky. I immediately leveled up my Quora and now it's level 2.
There's in need of another Larissa Kerato for level 2.
Moreover, the gladius rewards are satisfactory.

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Closing Thoughts

I was slowly building the deck of main cards and gladius cards that I play occasionally with the two accounts.
But after the implementation of the SPS staking update, I'm forced to play with only my main a/c as I only have enough SPS to stake on this a/c. I reserved the second account for playing brawls only.
With the main a/c, the plan is to cut out the current renting cost first and then rent out the extra cards to gain some profit.
Though I'm far away from that equilibrium point, I'm sure I can do this.

Regarding those potions, I still think the Splinterlands team should make them saleable for the owners in the secondary market or make a way to burn them and get some DEC/SPS so that someone can get rid of those potions for actually useful things like SPS or DEC. Otherwise, they just keep piling in my account as I'm not planning to buy a large pack quantity recently.

Still, getting 1-2 CL packs is what is good in opening EOS and daily reward chests.

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And that's all for today, guys.
I hope you enjoyed reading this article. So, don't forget to keep me encouraged with your upvotes and comments.

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Until next time,
Akash Kumar.

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