GRUND : A Savior Of Praetorous, A Chaos To The Enemy.

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Hello, my dear Splinterlanders and Hivers,
How are you today? The weekend is here and I hope you all have good plans for this weekend.

The soulbound cards are already started distributing in the reward chests and I have got my first SB card as the Helios Matriarch.
She's a Dragon summoner that costs 6 mana with the 'conscript' and 'swiftness' abilities. I got two copies of her in my reward chest.
Here's she -

Moving forward, the Splinterlands team bought another 'Share Your Battle Challenge' and this week's featured card is the GRUND.

Like the previous challenges, I'll share the best battle I won this week using the Grund in my team.
I'll also share my strategy, team combination, and thoughts about the Grund.

So, read on...

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Grund, The Protector Of The Mount Praetorous

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Shadows came from everywhere, spilling over the small wall that used to keep the wild animals at bay and clambering over the outbuildings that held the settler’s stock of animals.
The smallholding hadn’t been built for long but the people had hoped that because of its vicinity to Mount Praetorous, the area would soon grow and become busy with trade, especially considering the earth was so fertile here.
But now a strange light had appeared in the distant sky and hordes of monsters had descended upon the land.

Gasps of fear and sobbing sounded behind him as the pack of dark creatures encircled them. The snarling, howling, and spitting, caused the children to scream, their cries only increasing the fervor of the fell beasts that stalked them.
Grund widened his stance and gripped the warhammers, feeling the leather creak beneath his strong grasp. This is what he had sort ever since the portal had opened, an opportunity to save the people, a chance to smash the enemy into annihilation.

As the first wave came at him, he spun to meet them, his hammers crushing flesh and bone, sending broken bodies flying through the air. More and more pressed in upon him but he only laughed, his attack becoming a dance of death, the righteous energy inside of him spilling forth and feeding his strength. When he was done the enemy lay everywhere, the dead broken, the dying wailing with their last breaths. He looked to the others that crouched beyond the wall and beckoned them forward, uncertainty now in their eyes.

“Is this all you’ve got?”

he called.

“Please tell me this is not your best and you have more to offer.”

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Before I share my strategy and the battle, let's talk about the stats and abilities of this card.

Grund Stats.png

The Grund is an epic earth unit card from the Chaos Legion edition.
This melee attack card costs 10 mana to use in the battle which makes this card a high-mana-cost card.
Talking about the abilities, this monster has the incredible 'double strike' ability activated from level 1. With this ability, this monster attacks twice each round.
From level 4 the 'trample' ability is activated. With this ability, if this monster hits and kills its target, it will perform another attack on the next monster on the enemy team.
At the highest level 6, the 'cripple' ability is unlocked. With this ability, each time an enemy is hit by a monster with the cripple ability it loses one max health.

The card's stats also increase through levels, from 3 melee attacks, 3 speeds, and, 10 health in level 1, to 4 melee attacks, 3 speeds, and 11 health in level 4.
At the highest level 6, the stats of this card are 4 melee attacks, 3 speeds, and, 13 health.

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Best Usecases Of Grund In The Battles

Due to his monstrous attack power, Grund is well known as the 'Kron killer' because he's the only monster that can terminate Kron the Undying alone.
The Grund also has a good amount of health, so you can safely use it as a tank.
Let's explore the ways we can use the Grund effectively.

In the 'unprotected' ruleset

In the 'unprotected' ruleset, monsters on either team do not have any armor, they also don't have any summoner buff of extra armor.
This is the perfect scenario to use Grund in action. Place it in the tank position and then use a 'taunt' ability monster in the last position.
This will split the hits of the enemy team and the tank monster will survive longer.
On the other hand, Grund will diminish the enemy team with its huge firepower. As there's no armor, each round Grund dealt 8 points of attack if not missed.
We can further increase the firepower of Grund by adding 'inspire' ability monsters like Brownie and/or Orc Sergeant to the team.

In the 'melee mayhem' ruleset

In the 'melee mayhem' ruleset melee attack monsters can attack from any position. That means our heavy hitter Grund can attack from the second line.
To make attacks of Grund more effective, use a 'rust' ability monster like Sporcerer to the team.
And, use Bownie and/or Orc Sergeant to increase its firepower further.

In the 'equal opportunity' and 'super sneak' ruleset

In both rulesets, monsters from both teams have chances to attack the weak monsters of the opponent team.
This means that Grund can attack from the second line in these rulesets too.
and it may possible that Grund can kill 2-3 monsters in a single round with its big 'double strike' firepower and the 'trample' ability if the enemy monsters have low health.

In the low mana-cap battles with Kron+Llama combo or Llama+Flesh Golem combo

In the low mana-cap battles, these two combos are nearly undefeatable because of their 'dual-healing' properties. I lost several low mana-cap battles against these two combos. But Grand can be your savior here. With his 8 points attack each round, Grund can kill these monsters with a little help from Lyanna Natura or Mylor Crowling. This is why Grund is known as the 'Kron killer'.

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Now, that we learned how to effectively use the Grund in various rulesets, it's time to apply those strategies in real-time.




Mana Cap: 44
Spreading Fury: All Monsters have the Enrage ability.
Holy Protection: All Monsters have the Divine Shield ability.
Active Splinters: Earth, Life, Dragon.

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My Strategy and Team Setup



Magic is my favorite type of attack and for this battle, I choose Obsidian as a summoner as I planned to use a magic attack-based team.


Team Setup.png

As I placed the Mycelic Slipspawn in the last position to divert the attack, Grund was the best preference as a tank.
The Goblin Psychic and Wood Nymph were two healers so that Grund can be healed twice per round and deal maximum damage with his 'double strike'.
In the 4th position, there was the Mushroom Sheer to reduce the magic attack of the enemy monster and the Spirit Miner was in the 5th position to increase the speed of my team.
I used one melee attack monster and five magic attack monsters to deal maximum damage.
Let the battle begin...

Team Submission

Team Submission.gif

Round 01

Round 01.gif

Round 02

Round 02.gif

Round 03

Round 03.gif

Round 04 / 05

Round 04 05.gif

Round 06 / 07

Round 06 07.gif

Round 08 / 09 / 10

Round 08 09 10.gif

Watch the full battle in realtime -

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Key Points Of This Battle

Well, it was a long battle and definitely a tough one. My enemy used the 'triple resurrection' technique. This technique is really hard to beat.
He used the Shieldbearer as the tank which was a very efficient combo with the Grandmaster Rathe, especially against magic attacks.
My monsters had a hard time eliminating the tank Shieldbearer as it resurrect three times simultaneously.
Luckily my enemy didn't use any 'silence' ability monster, otherwise, it would be impossible to win this battle.
The Grund did an amazing job as a tank and the two healers supported him greatly.
Mycelic Slipspawn diverted all the attacks which helped the Grund to work more efficiently.
And the Spirit Miner helped the team with increased speed.
With a perfect strategy and team setup, I secured the winning.

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My Takes On The Grund

As I said above, the Grund is a perfect monster as a tank or as the second-line attacker in certain rulesets.
With two killing abilities, the 'double strike' and the 'trample', this monster is the deadliest attacker of the Splinterlands.
When used strategically, the Grund can turn the outcome of any battle.
Not to mention, this is my favorite monster in high mana-cap battles and the battles with the 'unprotected' ruleset.
Therefore, I always keep a level 4-5 Grund in my collection.

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And that's all for today, guys.
I hope you enjoyed reading this article. So, don't forget to keep me encouraged with your upvotes and comments.

Every week I share with you the strategy, and team combination as well as the gameplay of the good battles I fought.
So, if you guys like my writing, please follow me for the latest update.

If you want to try this fun play2earn game Splinterlands, feel free to join here -

Until next time,
Akash Kumar.

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