Splinterlands Battle Mage Secrets : MELEE MAYHEM | Melee Attackers, It's Your Day Today.

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With retiring the Share Your Battle weekly challenge, the Battle Mage Secrets weekly challenge is live. I must admit that the new challenge is much more competitive and challenging because it's not about a card but about a specific ruleset. You have to fight more battles to pick the right one to share. Because not every time you will get the desired ruleset. Then again, it's not sure you'll win that battle even if you get the desired ruleset.
It's tough but it's fun battling though. I surely will miss the old Share Your Battle challenge.

This is the 17th week of this challenge and this week's Battle Mage Secrets challenge is about the MELEE MAYHEM ruleset.

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Just like the previous challenges, in this blog, I'll discuss a few things about the Melee Mayhem ruleset and share the best battle I won playing in this ruleset.
So, read on...

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A Few Words About The Melee Mayhem Ruleset

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In the Melee Mayhem ruleset, the melee attack monsters can attack from any position. This means the melee attack monsters can be used to their full potential in this ruleset, however, you're free to use other monsters.

Using melee attack buff summoners like Tarsa, Malric Inferno, Daria Dragonscale, is definitely a good idea.

'Double strike' melee attack monsters can be especially useful in this ruleset, a few of them are Undead Minotaur, Hobgoblin, The Vigilator, Drybone Raider etc.

Another good strategy here is to use 'thorns' summoner and monster/s to counter the enemy's strategy if they use a melee-attack-based team.

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Mana Cap: 33
Fire & Regret: All monsters have the Return Fire ability.
Melee Mayhem: Melee attack Monsters can attack from any position.
Active Splinters: Fire, Water, Earth, Death, Dragon.

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My Strategy and Team Setup


Alric Stormbringer

Alric Stormbringer.png

Team Setup

Team Setup.png

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Round 01

Round 01.gif

Round 02

Round 02.gif

Round 03

Round 03.gif

Watch the full battle here - https://splinterlands.com?p=battle&id=sl_954dc9d2b30b0a3cc5451e7502ea9e90&ref=furiousfighter

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Analysis Of The Key Factors Of The Battle

A high-speed team was the key factor in winning this battle. My enemy has almost the same setup but he has a low-level team.
A few of his monsters missed their attacks on my tank being a high-speed monster with the 'phase' ability.
My strong magic attack team destroyed the enemy team easily and brought me victory.

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Wrapping Up

And that's all for today, guys.
I hope you enjoyed reading this article. So, don't forget to keep me encouraged with your upvotes and comments.

I'm happy to share with you the strategy, and team combination as well as the gameplay of the good battles every week.
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A water magic battle on a melee rule,lol.