Against a Legend of the Seas| Curious Battles 73#

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After such a long time without facing this legend capable of blinding entire teams, it has been very interesting to get her back in a Brawl-type battle. I hope you find this curious encounter as epic as I do!

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For the first place Mycelic Infantry, a tank par excellence, with Shield as a skill, was my choice. In the enemy team, the popular and elusive snake, with great speed, its "Dodge" ability added to the blinding ability of its summoner, made it an extremely difficult opponent to hit.

However, thanks to the spines provided by my summoner, her strategy of dodging everything was eclipsed. The only two hits it received was from my team's archer, the rest of the damage she received from the thorns. His fall was at the end of the third round.


For the second place I chose the little angry chicken, a minitank well known for its low mana requirements and its funny design. Tide Bitter was my opponent's choice, that epic card known for its "Reach" ability, fell in the same way as the tank before it, because of the thorns. This in the second round.



In the third position was the gladiator par excellence of this battle, who killed most of the rival team, Katrelba Gobson. Her start was poor, as she missed several attacks against the golden Pelacor Bandit. However, as the latter was weakened by the thorns, for Katrelba's fourth attack, she fell, the previous three were in vain as she missed.

That fourth attack fed his bloodlust, for the fall of the bandit. After that his massacre continued with Uraeus in round 3 and ended with Clockwork Aide in the fourth round, inaugurating the victory.



In fourth place was the javelin spear, who was able to hit the elusive snake despite the blindness applied by the opposing summoner. In addition to that, he was injured by the return fire present, but, even so, his contribution was excellent for the victory. The bandit hit him at the beginning and Uraeus tried, but failed in round 2.

Uraeus, who was precisely covering the fourth rival position, persevered and by the third round, he finished with the primitive javelin thrower. However, soon after, Katrelba knocked her down with a punch and fed her bloodlust.



For the rearguard there was Goblin Thief in my team and Pelacor Bandit in the opposing team. In my case it was only as a distraction, as it fell at the hands of the attack of Uraeus and the bandit, whose armor was broken because of the thorns.

In the case of the opponent, the bandit was able to dodge several attacks, but since Katrelba had double attack, sooner or later he would manage to hit, although to tell the truth, it took a while.



The complete alineation was:


If you want to see the replay click here.

Extra Curious facts:

Katrelba missed several blows in this battle, but his perseverance made him reach his goal. On the other hand Uraeus also missed, but despite persevering he managed to bring down the javelin spear, he soon fell at Katrelba's hands.

All this led me to reflect, because, in life I have seen many times that although persevering is much more fruitful, even so, many times it does not assure victory. In this case, two cards tried and tried until they made an impact, but only one team was the winner. Likewise, I have seen how even though they gave their all, many walkers in this life failed, leaving only stories of their attempts, proverbs of their tenacity, but a bitter taste in their mouths because of their defeat.

I would say that it is much better to persevere and fail. To leave with the consolation that at least an attempt was made to achieve victory, than to simply reach old age and regret what could have been if we had tried, that "what if, what if".



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