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Good morning! I'm back with another curious confrontation, this time with a lot of gold and sound of legends, although with a key mistake by my opponent.


From Splinterlands and edited with CANVA

In the first place two formidable tanks face each other, Mycelic Infantry on the enemy side, with an intimidating golden one that transmits power. On my side was Djinn Chwala, at level 2, a quite powerful epic that shines for its high armor, life and "thorns" ability.

The "thorns" strategy was not so powerful against Mycelic Infantry because of its counter "shield", however, with the support of the rest of the team it could be defeated after a short time.


Djinn Oshannus, was the champion of my second position, empowered with the summoner's power he became a monster destroyer and at the same time a fast tank. For the enemy territory there was a golden Goblin Mech, with a level 4 that should not be underestimated, an ability that pierces armor so that its hits are not wasted, however, by its nature lacking skills that allow it to hit from afar, so it was not decisive until it was in the first position.



For the third position, another interesting tank was in enemy territory, "Unicorn Mustang", which with "void" resisted well the attacks of Djinn Oshannus, however, the punishment of the archers made it end up falling shortly before the 5th round.

On my field was Baakjira, a cool legendary that I bought a while ago and that has been extremely useful because of its void + slow combination. Despite not damaging, her debuff and life points make her an excellent barrier, a formidable tank that despite not shining so much for this facet, still reduced the enemy speed.

For the 6th round she was face to face with "Prismatic Energy" but he could only do 1 damage.



For the fourth place, the dreaded "Depplurker" appears, imposing with its three points of damage and its "opportunity" ability that seeks to attack those who have less life, the weakest in the enemy camp. This has been a very recurrent monster in my strategies because of its powerful attack and decent speed, which have given me good results at level 3, in my fights.

In the enemy field "Venari Knifer" was with his known ability by edge, the spines, his speed and his 3 attack points. The extra ability was "Knock Out" which produces double damage on enemies with the "stunned" status. However, it was not seen in action because there were no stunned monsters.



For the last line of attack, the well-known Harponist and Supply Runner were the archer combo that punished from afar, being key for the victory. On the enemy side, Xenith Monk and Prismatic Energy were their final remnant. The little attack of the monk did not allow him to be more brutal with my team but his healing helped him to resist a little more, although he could only do 1 damage to the Djinn Oshannus. On the other hand, Prismatic Energy could do a little more from the distance and even knock down the Oshannus, however he was facing four powerful monsters, so he could not resist and soon ended up falling.




The complete alineation was:


If you want to see the replay click here.

Curious fact:

The enemy strategy was impressive in terms of level, summoner and cards; however, the battle conditions did not allow many of them to attack from their position, as they did not have abilities such as "sneak" or "opportunity", even "reach" in the case of the second place. Therefore, their serious mistake was to set up a combo in which many monsters could not attack until they were in the first position.



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