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Greetings! Here I come back with another tremendous battle to fight, in which venom and rage were present to give a show of strong encounters between formidable monsters.

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In the first position I placed the one who would be my main champion (at least according to what I thought when I formed the team), since his ability made him immune to the poison that affected everyone on the battlefield, "The Forgotten One", with his igneous aspect, as if he were a hybrid between an ancient deity and a volcano.

In the enemy camp, the main tank was not just anyone, the dreaded legendary "Grum FlameBlade" was imposing, with his berserk orc appearance. His ability, typical of the gladiators of the brawls, makes him very feared in the battles and if we add to that the "enrage" condition of the battle, it turns him into a complete legendary battle demon.



For the second position I placed a classic of my strategies, a card that I got some time ago and that has come in handy, the fast "Fineas Rage", which with the support of the summoner increased his attack and weakened the enemy tanks.

In the second enemy position, the tough "Naga Fire Mage" was present, with her Shield ability that makes her a difficult enemy to take down by non-magical strategies. Interestingly, it was the poison that gave her the coup de grace and also the dreaded Grum.



In the third enemy position we find a card that we both use in battle, the powerful Sand Worm, which despite its slowness has a formidable physical damage. This worm seems to have mutated, because at a certain point in the battle it reached 9 points of damage, enough to finish off my "Efreed Elder".

As for me, "Lava Launcher" was able to hold its own until the end of the battle, weakening the enemy lines and resisting the poison thanks to its 6 health points.



In the fourth position "Tenyii Stricker" was not intimidated, because despite not having so much life, the battle condition led him to have 5 points of speed and attack, so that he became one of the key participants for the victory, even resisted until the end with the Sand Worm, Lava Launcher and Fineas Rage.

In the enemy strategy, another card was repeated with respect to our combo, as "The Forgotten One" was in his fourth position, being immune to poison damage he resisted without problems until he became the last tank, however, his power was not enough to face the four remaining monsters of my team.



For the fifth position my Sand Worm became a mythical monster devourer, as it reached 9 attack points with which it eliminated in one hit the enemy "Djinn Inferni", which was in the same place but in the enemy camp.

In the sixth position "Lava Launcher" appears again, which is not surprising because of the good stats that this card provides. At the end of my strategy was "Efreed Elder", which I had as a surprise champion in case the others fell, because his ability "Last Stand" is able to turn around many situations. Unfortunately this one didn't shine so much, as he was defeated prematurely.



The complete alineation was:


If you want to see the replay click here.

Curious fact:

We had not even reached the third turn and already the battlefield was filled with dreaded monsters with legendary stats. It was so much power that the battle didn't last long but this was enough to make it one worth telling.


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