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Good afternoon, here I am back to share a battle for the weekly challenge where the clashes are oriented to a specific condition. This time, even though it was "Amplify", the resurrections took the attention, because the rival strategy was very focused on them. For my part I could not do much about it, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, but it is always possible to learn.

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Amplifly: All units have the Amplify ability. This ability makes thorns, magic reflex and return fire more effective..

At the front the cruel sertropod enemy faced my Venari Heatsmith, a sea beast against a blacksmith, what strange battles can happen, can't they?

On this occasion, the lack of damage to inflict by the blacksmith, added to the enormous amount of defense of my opponent made him fall in the first turn, from a blow of the sertropoid that was boosted by the martyr who was behind, after his fall at the hands of Fina. Apart from this the martyr revived twice, once because of the combat condition and once because of the mage who was at the end of the enemy formation. The blacksmith could not do much despite his armor, he only resisted for a short time after his resurrection.


Fina had two charges for her bloodlust, but at the cost of empowering the sertropod and the enemy mage, since the one she defeated twice was the Venari with the "martyr" ability.

When she was left in front she had to face a setropodo with 4 points of damage and a River Hellowdale with 4 points of magic damage, added to the fact that the sertropodo and the mage had not fallen so they could still resurrect. Fina's resurrection was of little use, as shortly after returning the sertropodo knocked her down again.



Venari Markskat, the pillar of the rival strategy, his ability was activated twice in the battle, empowering the sertropod and the river mage, killing my gladiator, my blacksmith and Venari Markskat himself who was in my team, who, as there were no opportunists in the rival team, could not fulfill his role. Furios Chicken was boosted because he was not useful due to the lack of damage and the position he was in, his defensive ability does not help much if there is no offense in the team, in most cases.



For the fourth position my opponent had no cards but despite this things did not tilt in my favor, the truth is that Furious Chicken could not do much when it was his turn to face all those titans powered by the martyr.


The complete alineation was:


If you want to see the replay click here. For information to join in this challenge click here.

Curious fact:

For this formation which I called "The Immortal Martyr", Venari Markskat could have empowered the team 3 times, i.e. the first by the battle condition, then the second by the wizard of his team and the third in which he should have definitely fallen. That is to say, this strategy could grant at best three power-ups to the close members of the martyr, if it is perfectly fulfilled. For my part, despite also having a martyr, I could not take advantage of it, because his fall came after Fina was defeated, making the empowerment only affect Furious Chicken, who could have little before all the rival team present.

The combination of the summoner that provides defense and speed, plus the mage with resurrection, plus the resurrection itself as a battle condition made the rival formation, a hybrid wall between defense and offense worthy of imitation, as if it were an immortal warrior that every time he is defeated, he comes back stronger, hence the name "The Immortal Martyr".



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