CARNAGE TITAN - When You Mess With The Bull...


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For this Dragon Week, I decided to play with a card that I had never used before (sadly, I don't own any copy), and that card is none other than the latest airdrop release, the Carnage Titan!

This is a Monster that I was very excited about when the stats were released, and I'd really like to buy one, but I have other cards in my cart already haha. Anyway, the Carnage Titan is a Legendary Dragon Monster from the Chaos Legion Edition.


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This massive monster has a massive cost, at 11 mana! However, this cost is well worth it since the Titan has really impressive stats and abilities. At level 1, it has 2 melee, 3 speed, 7 armor (!), and 8 health. However, what makes it really stand out is one of its abilities: Double Strike. This allows the bull to attack twice in a turn. And thanks to Reach, it can attack from the second position.


Then, after levelling it up, it also gets Shield, protecting him even more against physical damage (as if its armor wasn't enough). And also gets an incredible 4 melee, dealing 8 damage each round!

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Here I'll show you a battle using the Carnage Titan, and a strategy that can be useful. I'll describe it as best as I can, but nothing beats the feeling of actually watching the battle, so in this link you'll be able to watch the battle yourself.

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  • Close Range: Ranged attacks can be used from the first position.
  • Healed Out: All healing abilities are removed.
  • Allowed Splinters: Fire, Water, Life, Death, and Dragon.


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Since Earth wasn't available, I'm expecting a physically oriented team, so I decided to go with monsters with great armor as my main tanks and damage dealers.


With +1 armor, it protects all my monsters from melee or ranged attacks that the enemy may throw at me.

My main tank. It has incredible armor and health, just like the Titan, and it'll last quite a while in the first position.

Thanks to Reach, it aids Chwala in taking down the enemy, by attacking from the second position.

After using 2 monsters with high mana cost, I only had 3 mana left and went for Shadowy Presence, as a Snipe-tank. While 4 health isn't anything to write home about, its 1 mana cost is quite impressive.

While she won't be dealing as much damage, she can be a good Sneak-dodge-tank, with her 5 speed.


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  • The enemy went for water with a mostly ranged team. This means that Chwala's thorns won't be as effective in this battle. Also, the Serpent of Eld will be hard to take down, thanks to its Dodge and great Speed.
  • The battle starts with the Serpent attacking Chwala, while taking some damage from thorns.
  • After that, thanks to their great speed, the backline attacked Chwala, stripping it of its armor.
  • Finally, Carnage Titan and Djinn Chwala land their attacks on the enemy tank, leaving it at only 3 health.


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  • The Serpent of Eld and the rest of the team attack Chwala, leaving it at only 1 health. However, Chwala's thorns leave the Serpent at only 1 health as well.
  • The Carnage Titan defeats the Serpent and lands its second attack on the Angelic Mandarin, and Chwala deals another blow.

If this were a normal battle, having the Mandarin in the first position would be great for me, but with the Close Ranged ruleset, it can still attack me. Still, getting rid of the Serpent is huge.


3 line Yellow.png


  • Naga Assassin lands her first attack.
  • The enemy team attacks and defeats both Chwala and Shadowy Presence, turning this into a 2 v 5 battle. Ouch.
  • Finally, the Titan defeats the mandarin and removes the armor from the Albatross with its second attack.

ROUNDS 4 & 5

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  • Naga Assassin defeats the Albatross.

  • The Swimhunter and Ice Pixie attack the Carnage.

  • And the Carnage Titan attacks Kulu Swimhunter twice, leaving it with 2 health.

  • The next round, the same monsters attack, but this time, the Titan defeats the Swimhunter and removes the Narwhal's armor.

The tides turned and now it's an even 2v2 battle.

ROUNDS 6 & 7

3 line Yellow.png


  • While Ice Pixie and Sniping Narwhal attack the Titan, thanks to its great armor and health, it's still standing in place, with 5 health.
  • The Titan defeats the Narwhal, leaving only the Pixie left, and in the following round she's easily defeated.

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Final Thoughts

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  • The Carnage Titan is really impressive, and almost single-handedly won me the battle. I wasn't wrong to be impressed when I saw its stats for the first time. I'd love to buy it and use it in a lot more battles.
  • As for Chwala, if you read my post on it, you'd know how much I like it.
  • While Dragon is my least used Splinter, since it's expensive to build a deck, it has some great monsters that I really enjoy using during these battle challenges.

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Thanks for sharing! - @lenonmc21

This card is very interesting, you described it well, your battle was also good, I just think you can be more detailed about its description, talk more about your strategy.

Thank you for the feedback! Ok, I'll try to talk more about each monster and my overall strategy in the future. Cheers!

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