Ginnungagap's Splinterlands Giveaway - Day 13

in Splinterlands2 years ago


Let's not waste any time and go see who won yesterday's raffle. After 14 participants, the lucky winner is @tub3r0.gaming!


Congratulations and I hope you enjoy using your new card.


Now, today's giveaway will consist of the Hardy Stonefish! My first repeated card, but if this giveaway keeps going for a long time, I doubt it'll be the last, haha. What are your thoughts on this card? I've used it a lot to fill up my mana cap and take a hit to protect my main attackers.


  • To participate, you must leave a comment in this post. Only one comment per account is allowed.

  • Upvotes, follows, reblogs and tips are not necessary to participate, but I really appreciate your support.

  • And that's it! That's all there is to participate. I'll use this random name picker to determine the winner.


  • If every post this week has at least 2.0 Hive rewards, next week I'll do another giveaway of a gold foil!

  • If this post gets at least 20 different participants, I'll select 2 random winners and each one will get a card. So, spread the word to have more chances at winning! Thus far we haven't completed this challenge. I want to see if we can do it today.

Finally, I'll announce the winner tomorrow, at the start of the new giveaway. Good luck!


Count me in for the giveaway!

IGN @luizeba

!Gif money

I like the Hardy Stonefish, but mostly think of it as a mana filler meat shield. paired with Demented Shark and Kelya it can usually get one shot off though. Thanks for the giveaway.


Definitely, it's great when you have mana left over and one to give a free turn to your tank.

GF Venari Heatsmith please.


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In again please! @arpuch

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Sherlock Homes.

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Count me in, @eijibr . Thanks

Count me in :)

Hardy Stonefish can be very useful as a shield when the ruleset is Equalizer.

Ohhh, yeah, definitely. It'd be great for that ruleset.

Please count me again
IGN: tub3r0

Thx, for the giveaway.

Count me in 😊 @blitzzzz

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