Ginnungagap's Splinterlands Giveaway - Day 15

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W3 Gold.gif

Hey, everyone, as you can see, yesterday I didn't make a post, and I'm sorry about that, it completely slipped my mind. At least it was the Friday giveaway, which means that I could just move it to the next day.

Well, in the last post, we had 20 participants, which means that I'll be giving away 2 cards today! And the winners are @koodies and @candnpg!


Congratulations to both of you!


Now, the card that everyone was waiting for, this week's Gold Foil card, the Venari Heatsmith! It gives 125 CP, so it can help you climb the leagues, and also gives more DEC when using him in battle.


  • To participate, you must leave a comment in this post. Only one comment per account is allowed.

  • Upvotes, follows, reblogs and tips are not necessary to participate, but I really appreciate your support.

  • And that's it! That's all there is to participate. I'll use this random name picker to determine the winner.


  • If every post this week has at least 2.0 Hive rewards, next week I'll do another giveaway of a gold foil! Since I messed up the release of this post, it doesn't matter if it doesn't receive 2.0 rewards, because it was on me. This means, that I guarantee that there'll be a Gold Foil next week as well, regardless of this post.

Finally, I'll announce the winner on Monday, at the start of the new giveaway. Good luck everyone!


count me in @koodies

!PIZZA thx for the last giveaway

Great that you are giving away a Gold Foil next week again.

Count me in please! Thank you! @lorddiablo


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In for gold! 🏆 @arpuch

Be there or be square!
If you're not there, then I assume you're not a round.

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count me in ign:orebutb3

count me in pls..thanks.

count me in @xykorlz

nice GIF u have

I won, wow thanks! Count me in for the shiny gold card as well 😀. Thanks again.


Congrats on winning! And since not a lot of people participate in these giveaways, there have been multiple 2 and 3 time winners. So keep commenting and you could win again!

I'm in. 😀

Count me in, please! :)

Count me in 😊 @blitzzzz

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Good luck everyone @noctury

i'm in

Upvote left :)