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This post will explain coach card abilities in Genesis League Goals (GLG), a game on Genesis League Sports (GLS) Platform, in partnership with the Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA). Compete with your favorite MLSPA players in the form of NFTs, manage soccer teams and win rewards in this rapid tactic strategy game that will utilize NFTs, cryptocurrency, and the Hive blockchain – Genesis League Goals!

Some details of this post are subject to change as we continue to update design decisions and add more information specific to Skills.


The wait is over!

These coach abilities add depth and variety to the game, allowing players to customize their strategies, optimize gameplay, and influence the outcomes of matches based on their chosen coach and abilities.

Coach NameAbility NameDescription
Chris JurinovicCompetitive EdgeWhen a team is winning, all chances for success decrease, while when a team is losing, all chances for success increase.
Georgina TalewindCreative GeniusBoost the chance of success when passing.
Kaoru KujiraMidfield ControlBoost the chance of success for passing and interception actions of midfielders.
Drew DribblesFancy FootworkBoost the chance of success when dribbling.
Jeff SprightlyFleet-footedBoost the chance of success for receiving and intercepting passes.
Ben "Genepool" PowersCybernetic EnhancementsPlayer health and stamina drain at a reduced percentage compared to normal.
0x0 PunkGKskillzFor goalkeepers, there is an increased chance of triggering a staked skill, while the depletion of the player's stamina is reduced.
Erik EriksonHit and RunBoost the chance of success for tackling, as well as for the subsequent offensive play after a successful tackle.
MillwallHooliganBoost the chance of success for tackling, with the tackler gaining morale, while the player being tackled loses additional stamina.
"Tantrum" Tate TannerRaging BullBoost the chance of success in both attacking and defending when the team is losing, but note that it will drain stamina while active.
Sean DiamondDiamond HandsProvide a bonus to team synergy, resulting in an increased chance of success for all actions.
Gail GallusRally CryWhen the team is tied or losing and concedes a goal, every player receives a boost to stamina and morale.
Dominica IvyBoss BoostGrant a boost to both stamina and morale for all players after halftime.
Pete PrecisusAnalytical AcuityImpose penalties on the weakest attacking and defending stats of opposing team.
Butch BlockhouseTrashtalkIntensify the impact of morale loss on the opponent.
Brian DuceUnderdawgBoost the chance of success of actions at the team level when your average player stats are lower than the opposing team's average player stats.
Gabby HartSuperfansProvide a bonus to morale, resulting in an increased chance of success for all actions.
Tim “Big Daddy” ThomasThe FavoriteIf the game is tied, receive a boost to the success chance of all actions.
Arden GoldLucky DogBoost to game rewards.
Nacho AguilarChaos TheoryVaried boost or penalty per turn, based on your (boost) or opponent's (penalty) move.
Jonny HustleRelentlessBoost the success chance when winning.

Disclaimer: 0x0 Punk, Arden Gold, Dominica Ivy, and Nacho Aguilar abilities aren't available yet.


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You need to let players know how much each coach impacts the % in those situations.

That is still being balanced in beta testing. Once It has been finalized, further details can be shared.
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