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This post will explain skills and use of skills in Genesis League Goals (GLG), a game on Genesis League Sports (GLS) Platform, in partnership with the Major League Soccer Players Association (MLSPA). Compete with your favorite MLSPA players in the form of NFTs, manage soccer teams and win rewards in this rapid tactic strategy game that will utilize NFTs, cryptocurrency, and the Hive blockchain – Genesis League Goals!


Disclaimer: Some details of this post are subject to change as we continue to update design decisions and add more information specific to Skills.


Skills are modifier cards that affect gameplay. Skills are divided into active and passive types and are consumables. Users can employ or attach skills to a player card by inserting them into the appropriate slot on the card. They give a boost only when they are inserted/equipped into the card. Once a skill is equipped, it is automatically locked and cannot be sold or transferred independently. Skills are obtained as rewards for playing matches or can be purchased through the market from other users.

Skill Rarities

Skills are categorized into four rarity levels: common, rare, epic, and legendary. Each rarity level enhances the skill's ability and increases its chance of success. The specific distribution of rarity percentages is still under design and will be shared in future updates.


Charges refer to the number of times a skill can be used in-game before it becomes depleted or needs to be recharged. Each time a skill is entered into a match via a player, it consumes one charge meaning charges are consumable as well. Each skill is assigned a specific number of charges.

Players have various ways to obtain charges. One way is through rewards earned by playing the game as well as by achieving certain milestones or completing specific objectives, players can earn additional charges for their skills. More details to come at later stage.

In addition to earning charges, players will also have the option to purchase charges from the in-game shop. Charges can be acquired using GLUSD (in-game currency) or Credits, providing players with the flexibility to obtain charges through direct purchase if they prefer. This allows players to ensure they have an ample supply of charges for their skills when needed.

Skills During Gameplay

During gameplay, players can activate skills through a mechanism displayed in the user interface. Active skills require manual activation during a turn, while passive skills automatically activate when the optimal conditions for execution are met.

When skills are equipped to a player card entering a match, a charge will be used, regardless of whether it is an active or passive skill. Additionally, each skill drains a certain amount of the player’s stamina every time it is used in a match and therefore could become ineffective if the player does not have enough stamina to use it. For example, a skill that consumes 60% of a player's stamina can only be used once until the stamina regenerates above the required level, while a skill using 30% of stamina can be used more than once, until the stamina is depleted. Details on how much stamina is used by a skill will be shared in later posts.

Alpha Skills Launch

Below is a list of all the skills that will be available when the game initially launches. This list only shares the skill, description, category, and active or passive ability. The effects at each rarity level are still being balanced and will be shared with future updates.


Skill Slots

Each card except coach cards come with three (3) skill slots. Players have the option to upgrade their cards by combining them, which increases the number of available skill slots. Read more about card combining here.

Upgrading Skill Slots

The process of card combining not only unlocks more slots but also allows upgrading rarity of the slot so better rarity skills can be equipped. In the game, player cards can be gradually upgraded over time. As a card's level increases, the number of slots and the rarity of skills allowed also increases. When unlocking/upgrading skill slots, a minimal amount of GLGT fee (the exact amount is still to be determined) will be required.

The Future of Skills

New skills will be introduced into the game in the future. Conversely, at some point skills may become non-rechargeable and the ability to recharge skills will no longer be available. There are plans to introduce new utility for skills that cannot be recharged through community proposals. Specifics of new skills, non-rechargeable skills, and timing details are still under design and will be shared in future updates.

Please join our discord server for latest updates. Don't forget to follow us on twitter and facebook. To see the Game Demo, Please check out the Last Townhall.

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This is perhaps the most active game in terms of gameplay powered by the Hive network, it is totally interesting with the vast possibilities we have during the match against another player, looking forward to the first version available for us players.

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Interesting little aspect to cards and seems like the stats will stay with the card which makes for some cool ways to level up your nfts!

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This is a lovely game, how does the game look like

Wow! It's like NFL on NFTs for me. Looking forward to this exciting game. Keep up the great work guys!

What IDEs are you guys building this on. I'm working on a similar project myself?

Powerful game for da powerful ORK

Es un gran juego lo he jugado.

Es un gran juego lo he jugado.

Very excited for this to come out!

Hi all, I just posted something that I would really appreciate all your help on.

Please let me know what you think!

This is a more dynamic game than I first thought. Very cleaver design this is going to be a lot of fun to strategize. Thanks for making it difficult but achievable at the same time for higher level cards. Players that thought they would "meta up" and simply take 400 cards of each of the best 22 players might have another totally different thing coming their way.