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A lot of people overlook the new one cost monsters. That is why I think it was a good idea to share the battle with the Carrionshade. Make sure you check out the Challenge here if you want to take part given we are just about out of time. 1 mana cards are able to use a lot. They can be a tank or a sniper target or a sneak block or just that last hope to pull off something luck. I am glad I got a good battle to share with you. Might be a good watch so you can watch it here

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2022-03-14 20_03_43-Window.png

First I like to break down the card. Carrion Shade is the 1 cost new common card for the death team. Its first big upgrade is at level 3. That is why I got him to that level because flying monsters make monsters miss. After that, the leveling up is only really to make him faster. More speed will make him a better chance to still have some monsters missing the attack. It is nice once it gets that second attack because any time a monster can do more damage than mana cost it is cool. If you do max him out then you get that extra hp that could let him take 2 hits to kill and that is if they don't miss. This card is a good decoy for sneak, opportunity, or snipers.

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The Line Up
2022-03-14 18_41_27-Window.png

This was a no neutrals and cloud of war so no sneak and no snipers. It was also pretty high mana. I went for a double tank setup as I didn't have enough big back frow attackers. Then I dropped in the Carrion Shade to be the first target for the opportunity attackers that I was expecting in this ruleset. Then I dropped in my 3 big archers. The pretty simple idea here hopes I can take down his tank fast and then once my 2nd tank is upfront he should be better than theirs. Now they had a pretty good counter to my idea with the squid being able to attack from the back row. But with only one magic attack, my shield tank was a good play. I also had more ranged damage on the board but would deeplurker kill my guys or would my decoy work?

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Round 1
2022-03-14 19_43_05-Window.png

This round is going to be all about misses. With the buffs on he is going to be a little faster than my team. This means that my true strike might matter a lot. still, the first important hit will be the deeplurker. Can I keep him from getting to my archers? The battle starts off well for me as both archers all hit. He also lands home but doesn't clear my armor and I take one from the mage. Then the Deeplurker attacks and my idea works as he misses. The round would have been perfect for me but my Harklaw missing at the end.

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Round 2
2022-03-14 20_29_21-Window.png

Thinks looks pretty even but he is going to hit my Harklaw down to 2 before I get to attack. But once again I hit with both my first archers given one can't miss and I finish off his Shark. When the Deeplurker goes to attack Harklaw at 2 he becomes the target and he dies. That was bad luck as my Windeku didn't get to attack. Still, I am going to head into the next round ready to go with my decoy in on the board if needed and thorns ready to go.

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Round 3
2022-03-14 20_29_53-Window.png

This round almost looks like a round one start. The key to this round is speed and thorns. It ends up working out perfectly for me. The Squid's armor is gone after he hits the Windeku he is down to 5 life. I take a few archer hits but survive. Then my archers kill the Squid. While my Windeku clears the armor off the Deepluker and while he kills my Windeku the thorns drop him to 3 and the carrion shade drops to my tank but allows my last archer to deal a death blow to the Deeplurker. Then it lands a blow on the whale remote that armor.

death devider.png

Round 4
2022-03-14 19_44_17-Window.png

At this point with my 4 cards to his 3, it is over. My first archer will kill the whale and then drop their other archer to the front before he can attack. I would wrap up the fight now but the armor will allow him to make me go into round 5.

death devider.png

Round 52022-03-14 19_44_35-Window.png

The brave Carrion Shade landed a very important attack last round and took away that armor. Flying on Flying so it didn't miss while he is about to die at the start of this round now my true strike will end the fight.

death devider.png

2022-03-14 19_44_52-Window.png

I had a level advantage that helped me a lot in this fight but still to see it work out so well was a lot of fun. I hope you see that a perfect team setup can make it so you watch a fun battle and win. Make sure you sign up to player Splinterlands and earn money while you do it.


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Thanks for sharing! - @marianaemilia

Nice report. good work!