Sorry New Players: New Summoners Won't Be As Good As Kitty And Yodin | SPLINTERLANDS

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The new legendary summoners for Splinterlands will be coming out shortly and there's been a lot of complaints that the first one, Grandmaster Rathe, wasn't as good as the best summoners in the game. Well, I don't think they should be!

When a game introduces cards like Kitty and Yodin the solution shouldn't be to release MORE cards that are OP. It should be to release counters to those cards, which I think the game has done a great job of!

I hope you enjoy!

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Thanks for sharing! - @azircon

Wow that you so much for the upvote! I really appreciate it!

As a Kitty holder, I completely agree with you! :)

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I'm kinda glad (hope) we don't see more summoners at that power level. Good content. Sharing this on

Dang man, what a great video and discussion. My feeling was, 'of course CL legendaries won't be as powerful, they cost 6 mana,' but you explained all of the reasons why! 😂

Keep them coming. Excellent content.

I am no OG but I do own multiple max kitties and I am still in the market for more if the price is right. I play everyday, manually myself and I also sponsor a couple of other players

Wow multiple Kitties is the dream haha. Yeah I'm in the same boat as you.. manually grinding away almost everyday. I really appreciate the comment and upvote!