Announcement: holoz0r's final Splinterlands TV stream

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Almost two weeks ago, I wrote about how Splinterlands caught me in its net. You can read that post here. This is on the back of meditations upon departing the game, written a few months ago.

In short, I've since made the decision to liquidate my Splinterlands cards, land, and other items, but will continue to hold SPS.

I will be streaming one last time on Splinterlands TV on whatever this link is in your time zone. Alternatively, see the peakd count down timer.

Please leave your questions as comments, and I'll address them on the stream, and respond here as well.

This final stream is to be considered a celebration rather than a funeral dirge. Splinterlands has given me a lot over the years, and now it is time to close my spellbook and reflect on the joy, opportunity, friendships, and sleepless nights that Splinterlands has given me over the last few years.

If you want to have me open your packs on stream (and send you the cards, using up my potions, please send the packs in game to "holoz0r", and I will open the packs in the order of comments / transactions, until I have no potions left on my stream.)

I have the capacity to open 1,944 packs with both potions, so if you want a bit of bearded streamer luck, feel free to make this last stream really entertaining for our viewers!

To all those who have watched, participated, and been a driving force behind SplinterlandsTV - thank you. You've been awesome, and I will not mention everyone individually. You know who you all are.

To the team developing Splinterlands. I look forward to what the future holds, and still believe in your long term success. While no success is guaranteed, I will use my SPS to help guide the DAO to the direction that I deem to be success.

If I sell my SPS in the future, I will do it silently, with no fanfare - but this will be in only one of two scenarios:

  1. I have lost complete faith in the Splinterlands Project, or
  2. We're all selling SPS to buy large boats, exotic sports cars, or other things we think we want.

I look forward to streaming on SplinterlandsTV one last time!

Hope to see you there on whatever this link is in your time zone.

Please leave your questions in the comments, and I'll address them on the stream, and with comments here on the blockchain. :)


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It saddens me to see another pillar of SplinterlandsTV/Splinterlands to sell off his assets. Especially to one of the people that I admire. Then again, I bid you good luck and still hoping you would find yourself back to acquiring assets again in the game.

My question is, please don't take this the wrong way, will you still be the support in SplinterlandsTV? I just asked this, as it concerns some of my SplinterlandsTV friends that you helped push to go live and I'm afraid if you wont be, it's a another loss to SPLTV. They both lost a streamer and a support.

Yes, I'll still be available to help support streamers when they have issues.

Good luck mate.

Thank you! I don't feel like I need good luck, we just need good governance and a responsible DAO. Hopefully I can still be involved in that :)

I would like to say here that people should hold all their holdings for now because there is little time left for the market to go up. In the same way, two or three good news and then we will see that the prices will go up a lot.

I've made my choice, and the cards are already on the market, with a lot of them already gone!

Ooh nice one
You have the right to do whatever you want with your cards
I wish you well...

Sad to see you go.
If you are not longer playing the game or the land game, do you plan to still used your staked SPS to vote on matters of the game, or solely on matters of relevance to your SPS investment?

Without a functioning game that the community is able to enjoy on a sustainable basis, there is no SPS investment. I might also add that my SPS "investment" came about due to air drops and "hodling" the right things at the "right time".

Therefore it is my belief that to vote in favour of a successful "investment" is to vote in favour of what will make a successful game. Without a successful, fun, sustainable game SPS will be worth zero.

I don't want to live in that world, I want to live in a world where Splinterlands is ubiquitous as Magic the Gathering or Pokemon cards. Therefore, I will be voting in the direction of what makes the most sense to me, given my breadth of experience and knowledge, and if I deem it that the DAO does not feel that some way, then I will, as per the post, liquidate my holdings. I have the right to walk away, just as everyone and anyone else also does.