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I've been playing Splinterlands since when it was Steemmonsters. I've been creating video content and streams for the game since the second season was released.

Here's a single video to prove that. This video is not the content of this post. There are many words for you to read.

Look at how young I am. Look at that hairline. It was uploaded in 2018. It was streamed on, not even Twitch! There was probably a whole bunch of streams that I did on dlive, too. I can't remember, as many of those, I did not record and upload for later.


The point I'm making is I've been here for a very long time. I'm a fossil. I'm ancient. I'm tired.

Heres a bunch of my personal uploads to YouTube and the number of videos there. 334+35+20
Some analysis:
Total length of playlist [Splinterlands]: 22 days, 16 hours, 46 minutes, 45 seconds
Total Length of playlist [Season Openings]: 1 day, 14 hours, 11 minutes, 49 seconds
Total Length of playlist [Classic Splinterlands]: 1 day, 2 hours, 20 minutes, 12 seconds

In total, that's 25 days, 9 hours, 18 minutes and 46 seconds. That's 609 hours. Do I have any idea what I could achieve with my life if I spent 609 hours over the last five years doing literally anything else? No.

I've probably written at least 500 HIVE posts about Splinterlands, Steemmonsters, and contributed heavily to the game and community via Splinterlands TV. I've made some excellent friends in this community and through this game that I would have never made before.

That adds even more time sunk into Splinterlands. I haven't recorded every game play session I've had. I haven't recorded the time I spent talking about this game in super excited tones with people like @mattclarke and others. I'm grateful for all those smiles and laughs and theory-crafting.

It has opened (and closed) doors for me. From staying up to 4AM to buy a Tract, to waking up to the thought that Tower Defence packs would be sold out and then buying them out of impulse instead of with rational thoughts.

I don't know where I'm going with this rambling. @azircon suggested that I should type out my feelings so I can be exposed to the therapeutic wonders of dumping my consciousness out onto a page.

That is something that I often do, and will always continue to do for as long as I have a functioning brain and fingers that are dexterous enough to dance upon the keys and make the keyboard go clikety clack clack. I can't talk as fast as I type, so voice to text is no good, as it cannot keep up.

Earlier today, I typed some words in the buy-sell channel in Splinterlands Discord. It took me a good twenty minutes to round up the courage to write that simple statement.


I got two DMs. One was "Please don't leave" (or something to that regard) - the other was "how much are you after?".

My response to "please don't leave" was that of justifying things. I've got to not too long into the future have some Dental Surgery, and I'm not sure what sort of time I'll need (or want) to have away from my day job in order to get that done. It'll probably be a day procedure and at worst, a few days away from the workplace.

But, I'm the sort of man who feels incredibly guilty for taking sick days from work, and feels incredibly guilty when I can't make people happy or fulfil their expectations.

My contributions to the Splinterlands narrative and community and my role as an official Streamer on Splinterlands.TV have given me the opportunity to spread my voice to a larger audience. I've been open, honest, constructive and analytical in my criticism of the game's direction, but these last few months have seen me witness a DAO that has failed on multiple occasions to vote in its own interests when viewed from my purely analytical, perhaps over-cautious personal perspective.

In my professional life, I am a data analyst, and have worked in business process improvement, as well as customer retention teams, and a variety of other roles within a large company. I like to think I have some experience in governance and helping businesses to succeed based on empirical numbers and facts.

The numbers and facts are that I view that Splinterlands will succeed in the long term. In the present term, and in the current climate of a deep bear market in a dark, scary forest; we keep stepping in our own traps. Perhaps I'm stepping in one of those now.

I've been here since the start, like I said; and perhaps my patience for "wen land" has finally met the end of the road.

That road has been a beautiful journey. But now, there's a fence, a field, and a pile of tarmac, waiting for more road to be built, a pasture to be more accessible at the expense of 6 or 7 metres, and another vanishing point on the horizon.

I have been incredibly impressed with the development cadence of the Splinterlands team since the restructure that occurred somewhat recently. I am familiar with agile working methodologies, sprints, and jira, as I use them in my workplace day to day, so they're working just as any other world-class company would be working.

I get the feeling that I don't want to travel on this journey with cards and a tract, and assorted items. I get the feeling I want to step back, hodl my SPS, and try to push with my limited vote toward a better direction for the community.

I am one voice among a chorus of thousands of others. My voice is not all that significant; and I am a normal human. I'm not the main character here. I've just been around for a long time. I've met some beautiful people, and I know that those people will be going nowhere. I can always say hi, or taunt them on their blog.

There's other passions that I want to pursue, and I have no idea if they'll make me happy. Splinterlands made me happy for a long time, but now; it doesn't fill me with joy every time I click the battle button.

The only endorphins I really get are from brawl battles, and they're fun, because Bloodlust on its own is a fun mechanic. Perhaps now that I've maxed out a reward summoner allowing me to use Gladiator cards I might find the game more fun again.

The reality is, for several months, the majority of my games have been played via Archmage, and my manual play is just a four hour window during my time on Splinterlands TV. I've dedicated upwards of twenty hours a week to Splinterlands for several years in a row now - and I'm... tired.

Onto rambling about other ventures. As I age, as I consider my upcoming surgery, as I consider what I want to achieve and what I want to mean to those in my life (both in the real world, and the virtual world) I think more and more about making memories and having no room for regrets.

I won't be living a hedonistic life style if I choose to sell my cards, tract, and other miscellaneous Splinterlands things. I'll still be me. I'll have a lot more of my limited time here on this Earth to devote to other ventures. One of those ventures is photography.

Some of you may know that once upon a time I had two alpha sets of cards. I sold them and departed Splinterlands entirely for a time. I purchased some cameras and revisited my university art education and produced a prolific quantity of photography. I've rambled and raved about my creative imposter syndrome and both the desire to obtain money from this venture, and to also just do it for the love of the process.

I was probably unsuccessful by all measures in that realm, and that saddens me, even in the face of being awarded a highly commended award in a national photographic prize.

I'm feeling that creative itch scratch at me once more. Maybe I'm having a mid life crisis. Maybe I always was, but if someone puts the right offer on the table for my collection, right now, in this moment, I'll accept it, even knowing that there's going to be great and fun and grand new mechanics on the way with land, tower defence, and other stuff that is on the game roadmap.

I'm aware of where that road leads, and the planes of potential prosperity it may give unto others. At the same time, I look at the fork in the road, gazing at a blazing sunset that beckons my heart, not my mind wants to go; and it tugs so strongly away from Splinterlands.

Want more content from me?

Witness my futile efforts to play my Steam Game collection in alphabetical order.

Are you aware that I love photography? Check out my work in a collection.

Thanks as always for your time!


I couldn't have asked for a better wingman these last 5 years. Now we get to find out what the future hodls, I guess.

I still haven't learned how to fly. I mean that in a sense of being a bird that is truly free to fly wherever its whims take it. Its whims are probably worms and other insects, so I guess I'm going to end up by a pond, get malaria and die.

First of all, thank you for writing. That was my only ask, and you delivered. In the present world, that is not a given in most case.

You will not get either kind of DMs from me. I am NOT going to ask you to stay, or try to find a bargain from you. I will always ask you to be vocal. Share your thoughts. Make your thinking visible. Your opinion matters, when you articulate it.

Consider following your heart. You are a grown man, and there is nothing anyone can teach you, but you can always learn from anything or anyone if you like. It is your choice. It is your choices that makes you who you are.

Have an excellent day. Thank you for being a hive blockchain user.

Your profile of "I am a geologist" combined with

Thank you for being a hive blockchain user

Makes me aware of another point. Everything, and anything said on HIVE is immutable, but that does not mean that we are humans are not.

It is okay to document an emotion, a thought, a feeling, somewhat else, at a moment in time, and have a change of direction, or a change of heart.

It is just a reflection of how that individual felt.

What I'm trying to say is that a rock is a rock for a reason, and sand is sand for a reason. One will become sand, the other was once a rock. It is able to change its state. Forgive me if I'm not correct in this analogy, but as humans, we morph.

That's fine, but I always want to try and represent and articulate why I morph. How I morph.

Since, you have mentioned my profession, I will also share another word of wisdom:

There is no difference between a rock and a grain of sand. They are all the same, just different phases of life for a chemical compound called Silica (Silicon Di-Oxide). The only thing different between the two is time. Time is what make a rock and then the same rock a grain of sand.

When you are a geologist, you begin to think about time a different way.

I too think of time differently, as a photographer and an artist. I love the fact that we measure time by the emissions of a nearby star, and that is the very medium with which we can etch images onto light sensitive materials.

The only difference between a good photograph and a bad photograph is how you capture and manipulate that duality of time, light, and your environment.

Shawshank stuff

A brilliant film. One of the few that made me, as a tough, "manly man wannabe" cry.

Welcome to the midlife crisis :)))

Nehhh all jokes aside. I get it, the current reward-in-sikedness in whatever perspective is a bit low at the moment and then choices come it what you do with the collection, the time and the priorities. And it is a lifestyle that also sometimes needs a change right?

Dont leave! Just you know..

Make it in the right perspective right?

I'm mid 30s, so its probably a mid-life crisis. Typing those words, wearing my heart on my sleeve and all that is something that I do a lot of the time.

I'll just spew out words, and honestly, my biggest weakness is speaking my mind, sometimes even when I'm not asked for my opinion.

Is that really bad...or is that just you being you..dont worry dude..we appreciatw!

It isn't bad. I can't keep secrets from my wife which means I can never surprise her :P

This is something I've discussed with her as well - and she would love to spend more time with me, and I would love to spend more time with her, too.

(I assure you I am not typing this at gun/knife/any other item that can cause harm point) :D

I know what you mean in this one. Being a blockchain user/producer/consumer actually does take a lot of time. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing at all, it just means that there is less time for other stuff like the missus. (she is probably writing your reply while holding you at gunpoint :DDDD)

But seriously...never get the loved ones get affected by our addiction right?

She used to post book reviews and other things on Steem prior to the fork. She gave up and left it to me. Her account is still around the place, you'll notice it delegates its HP to me... because I am actually actively using it. :D

Best of using the HP right? Would be a shame to really give uo the account when there is do much blood sweat and tears in there

You echo a lot of my own feelings. I've also been here since the beginning as you may or may not remember. I only played up there in champian a few times and only at the very beginning before the RP made it impossible for me to enter that level, so I don't think we ever matched together.

I still enjoy the game, but its been slowly growing too complex for me to keep track of in my limited time. And yeah, I don't enjoy as much as I used to. It's now kind of a chore to do my daily battles and not something I look forward to.

Thinking about my options.

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I love the complexity of this game. It makes you think. It challenges you to a new way of looking at cards each and every time you draw a ruleset and a mana cap. That's a unique mechanic, that is endlessly fun, and endlessly rogue-like.

All things considered, the game is exceptionally well designed and balanced, but I feel as though, even though - we have a highly intelligent player base (which is often the most dangerous thing in gaming) - sometimes the game just needs to "dumb it down" a little.

There's a certain elegance in the lower leagues which does this through the fact that there is not a complex interplay of multiple abilities, and as a player progresses in leagues this builds - but the advent of things such as battle helpers remove this feeling of "explore a new strategy" because many will never understand why the strategy works, only that they reproduced a team and got a certain outcome.

I always enjoy playing outlandish teams that are surely destined to not succeed, but because, through the fact that the "meta" expects one thing, I can sometimes win in unexpected and hilarious ways.

I can relate to a lot what you mentioned. I had similar feelings when the souldbound rewards started. I totally agree with Splinterlands having a good long term prospect as most of the other NFT based gamings I was involved with have vanished or gone dormant during the last few months. Not sure if selling all your cards is a right move in bear market when everything will be undervalued. That said you know yourself best so go with what you think right. Cheers!

Thanks for reading and dropping by. I appreciate your time. I played a few other games on EOS (do people remember that) - and they were fun to a point, but then got boring. That was a few years back now - and I care not to go and look into their fates.

I'm a bit pragmatic. Stuff is only worth what it is worth when you want to get it, or when you want to get rid of it.

Thank you for posting this.

I don’t think any of us have the right to ask you to stay, you’re the only one who really knows which decision is the right one for you, what it feels on the inside to have to decide.

But yet, as players, as co-Splinterlanders, it’s always sad to see someone who is considering leaving. We know what it means emotionally, it’s leaving a group, leaving a home: it’s not the economic side of it that makes us Splinterlanders, it’s the social cohesion with this grumpy, salty, exasperating, opinionated and still unique group of misfits we all are proud to be part of.

So, even though nor I nor anyone else has the right to ask you to stay, I think I speak for many of us that we would like you to.

That’s all.

This is the thing that many people forget about Splinterlands, or when we complain about the RNG, or the cards we have, or dont have, or the tournament we won, or didn't win.

That behind the genuine, competitive and intensely devoted usernames and avatars, we are flesh. We are blood. We are human, we are vulnerable and emotional creatures, in spite of our efforts to appear logical and rational in our decision making.

"it takes a village" is a phrase that comes to mind in this moment; and the Splinterlands community is one hell of a village. (Be that a burning hell, or an endearing hell) - I think it is capable of being both.

It's good to hear from an OG like you that you still see Splinterlands to be successful long term. Priorities and preferences in life change and so your choice (if ever) of leaving is very much valid.

I always liken Splinterlands with Magic The Gathering. I love the game when I was young but I could no longer keep up with it. The costs, time, complexity, etc. I'm happy to see it still thriving with players (OGs and new ones as well).

Maybe you just want to rest from it for a while, or you needed liquidity; that is totally fine. I do hope if your interest on it rekindles, it would be easy for you and anyone to get back into it. :)

Yes, I've shared some comments about my love of the game in the responses to other comments on this post. It is a complex, multi-faceted beast. It is an enduring game formula, and it's probably ahead of its time, like so many other notions and ideas.

So many of those things perish, some endure and find their people. I think Splinterlands has found its people, but there's more out there. It could be incredibly more accessible, and with all the work the team has completed, I believe that it would be scaleable, too.

The fundamentals are, capture even a small portion of MTG / Wizards of the Coast market cap; and you've still got an enormous pot of player base. Even if that player base is 1 or 2% the size.

I’m sure posting this wasn’t easy as it seems you’ve had the thoughts for months but finally felt compelled to get them out of your head in some form.

The struggle you’re having isn’t unique, a lot of players have been feeling this way. I say this only to suggest not conflating your potential mid-life crisis (which is very real speaking from my experience) with your frustration with the game.

I’ll be honest, I’ve never played a game as long as I’ve played Splinterlands - and I’m not even at 2 years yet let alone 5 like you! I still find it fun although I can agree that the core gameplay hasn’t changed in forever so I understand why some may find it stale.

That being said, it seems as though the team is focused and committed to creating new game modes in the future. When that future arrives, nobody knows but it’s definitely not soon (weeks-months). You still seem to have an affinity for the game so while I won’t tell you what to do, I hope you retain some assets within it to try out those new game modes when they arrive.

As for the mid-life crisis, follow where you’re passions lead. Maybe the Splinterlands chapter of your life has come to an end, maybe it’s just a pause, but regardless you feel the itch to try something new or different and scratching that can usually lead to awesome things. Wish you the best of luck man!

Thanks for your thoughtful and considered words. Your calm demeanour and passionate enthusiasm really shows on your streams and in your conversations with your guests on your stream. You have a brilliant, child-like wonder when you talk about Splinterlands, and I feel as though I once had that, but it has faded.

Perhaps I'm now the apprehensive school-starter who looks out upon the coming challenges and grades to progress through, only to just want to nap in a corner and play with toys.

I'm conflicted. Normally, when that happens, I flip a coin, or roll a dice. While that coin is the in the air, or the dice is in flight, I instantly know what I want.

In a false sense of that, I haven't done that for this quavering choice that swings like a metronome from yes to no at a pace I can't even describe.

Speaking your mind is always a good thing! Opinions, thoughts etc are all valued and have meaning and value as long as they are presented in such a way and not an attack. Keep doing it!

I remember the good old steemmonster days as well been here since Alpha but as of the last three months at least for me the vibe of the game has really changed to the point I just don't enjoy it right now. I can't rank, earn like nothing in rewards so I just rent everything out. I'm hoping when land comes out that that will be more of my vibe and hopefully we see a little price action again.

Anyways keep expressing your thoughts, vision and overall how you feel honestly it brings a refreshing depth to everything.

From aggy's description of land, I couldn't be more excited. I love Civ style games, and with that mechanic, I'm sure I'd enjoy it as well. Even though it is closer than it has ever been, I still feel those pangs of "wen-land", and hope that I might get to see it before someone does indeed put down an offer I can't refuse.

Exactly that's why I'm pretty pumped about land. I've always gone for more of the resource/management/civ style games as well. Always wen land :)

This is a fascinating game community.

Free to make your decisions, and still have a community to fall back on. Not leaving, just doing something else, maybe, and it's all good.


Fascinating is a great word. I'd use bewildering in the same context.

I just think it's awesome people don't have to feel like they're tied down. Could be anything from Splinterlands or an offering from a subcommunity like LEO as example. Can step away if one feels the time is right, and not lose everything in the process.

And dude you have so much class. No bridges are on fire. People are supportive.

This bewilderment is impressive.

The only reason there are no bridges on fire is because I don't know how to swim. Many people have offered to educate me, gleefully, without concrete footwear.

A bridge is the only way I can ever get over any body of water.

It's with some irony that my Keep is in a lake. Perhaps I'm drowning in the opportunistic uncertainty that the future holds.

I am vulnerable to thought.

Well. You've gone ahead and left every option on the table and it's all for you to pick up. Figuring this out will be a breeze and the results will be in your favor.

Well played. Good game.

I never make it to more than a year before I shift gears, but I get it. Just left a crew in a MMO game that I lead for almost 9 months or so because the game had pretty much came to a conclusion for me and it was time to sink into something else. Honestly, save for interfering with Real Life goals, the only question when it comes to Game Life is not how far did you get or what did you get for your effort, but rather, did you enjoy the journey?

I make it about 50-70 metres on the road before I change gears, or else I hit the rev-limiter :D

I've loved the journey, and I'm sure if no one puts an offer on the table for me, I'll continue to love it, but I think the short-term pain of these moments of uncertainty are things that I should walk away from, returning when I can stake creatures on land and see things happen there.

I'm just impatient. I need to be a little more patient.

Love it. Sarcasm, my second language.

I agree. I'm currently in a massive build in Valheim and got to feeling a little overwhelmed by the magnitude. Decided to shift gear and restart BotW for the weekend and see if I'm ready to get back into within a week.



Gonna learn how to do the whole fly through after I get it wrapped up and post to 3speak as one of my first 3speak contents.

I don't really enjoy the open world survivor build'em up games like Valheim. I find the lack of direction, the emergent story telling as lazy game design. Sure complete freedom is great programatically and for those that want to make their own stuff, but at my point, I want to have an experience and be shown a story.

Maybe I miss the point, but I couldn't get into Minecraft, Gary's Mod, Rust, or other games in that genre.

Fair enough. To each their own. I actually liked all the Final Fantasy games for the story as well as the gameplay. would have to think on what others I liked for story reasons.

Sometimes, I reach a fork in the road. But commitments created are hard to ignore. Maybe someday...
Good luck to you. I can imagine the thought process that went into it. More power to your efforts.

Everything is a fork in the road. Every choice shuts out another option. It's the unceasing flow of time and causality; but that's probably an entirely seperate topic.

I appreciate all you've done for the community, bro. I'm not often very active on SPLTV but I do understand that there's a lot going on in the background and a lot of that can be attributed to your work and I hope that anyone else who sees that let's you know.

I'm in the same boat that I also want to minimize taking leaves or days off to a minimal as possible but from a data driven stand point, you might also want to look into that stats of those. I understand these aren't necessarily SMART goals and data might be a bit all over the place but maybe something like:

  • Productivity of workers who maximize leaves
  • Happiness of workers who maximize leaves

In the past few years, I've learned to let things go and try to make sure 'me' time is a priority. I think you are somewhere in between and I hope you realize that there is nothing wrong with taking days off both for your well being and mental health. The workplace will continue and the world won't end if you take a break. In fact, you definitely should take a break so that you can come back invigorated and stronger! This might help you get your passion burning again whether its for SPL, photography, or something else entirely. Burnout is a very real thing and you feeling guilty of taking breaks is hindering you from your recovery time so please take those days off as much as you can.

I'll end this off with: "You are the main character in your own life".

Regardless of what you choose to do and what you choose to pursue, just remember that there are a lot of people who appreciate you and that means a lot. Take a break, hopefully you do and wish you the best!

In fact, you definitely should take a break so that you can come back invigorated and stronger! This might help you get your passion burning again whether its for SPL, photography, or something else entirely.

People always say that taking a step back to relax, recharge, or do something else is good and healthy. In reality, what I find it often leads to is a burdensome pile of "Catch up" when you return to that task or pursuit in the future.

This makes the time off or away difficult to enjoy; and much like people who say that in a relationship "they need some time apart"; it often ends with not having the courage to say "I don't think I want this anymore", perhaps out of fear of hurting themselves, or out of fear of hurting the other.

Proxying a heartbreak or sadness is certainly never productive.

Regarding protagonist syndrome - there's one of me. There's literally billions of others. We're all NPCs. Nothing makes one person more special than the other. We're all equals. Some can contextualise and admit this; while others climb upon pedestals of self-importance and hubris.

To quote a 90s singer song writer you may know: This pedestal is tall and I'm afraid of heights.

Catch up work is real for sure, but in like any high functioning workplace, there are contingencies in place for things like these which I'm sure you already know.

It got so bad for me that I would work Christmas and New Year's even. Letting go made things a lot easier for me physically and mentally. I'm not saying this is the end all be all solution, but if you haven't explored that area further, maybe it'll do you good. My other pushback is that if you can think about letting go of SPL which you spent 5 years on, why not think about it in a micro level of taking a few days or weeks out of work as well? If you can plan it with someone to cover for you or handle any contingencies, wouldn't that give you peace of mind to focus on yourself during the break?

I'm of course just pushing ideas out here as I don't know how your whole workplace goes about things. I just feel strongly that your mental health takes priority over a lot of the things going on in life. It feels as though you're stuck between wanting to break free but can't let go. I'm not trying to impose anything on you, just giving perspective. 😀

I much prefer to work Christmas and New Year periods, and take time off during other parts of the year. That way, I can work in peace and quiet, and make progress without being constantly pulled and pushed from task to task.

Focus. execute. Complete. Move on.

Plus, its nice to be seen to have freedom when others may not. However, I always get confused when I take a Tuesday or Wednesday off of walk, and arrive somewhere, or am going from place to place, and often think "Don't you people have jobs?"

Christmas and New Years for me are different as I try to go home to my folks so it'll be different for everyone. I do like the downtime during this period though as it's also quiet at work so I have minimum need to work if needed. Depends on the type of work and nature of business, I guess.

Plus, its nice to be seen to have freedom when others may not. However, I always get confused when I take a Tuesday or Wednesday off of walk, and arrive somewhere, or am going from place to place, and often think "Don't you people have jobs?"

This is so true! Where I come from though, a lot of work happens round the clock to cover for different shifts so it's more of a norm. But you're right, strategic breaks where it's a lot more quiet is key and outside of peak hours for people so you can be at peace and not have to fight off nasty commute/travel as well as crowded places.

I would like to thank you for all your writing, videos and time you have put into the Splinterlands players. Your streams have been one of my favorite ones to watch and I will truly miss your humor and positivity (haha). I don't want to try to convince you to stay, we all have to find our own way but you will be missed more than you know.
Thank you again for all you have done. I will still cling on to the hope that you one day will return. Wish you the best. @henster

It'll be business as usual unless I find a buyer for my stuff. I think the likelihood of that is too low.

But, I'm the sort of man who feels incredibly guilty for taking sick days from work, and feels incredibly guilty when I can't make people happy or fulfil their expectations.

Sometimes you have to do what makes you happy...

I hope the operation goes well, anything dental related tends to be tough...

I'm sure you can find the right balance with Splinterlands, should you choose to return one day. What kind of pictures do you take???

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I'm a portrait person. I take pictures of humans. My next appointment with my specialist is in a little under 3 weeks, so I'll know more then. I have a scan to attend this morning, but its just a draining experience. It will be my left wisdom teeth that will get ripped out under a general.

I look forward to seeing your work on here 🙌 Hopefully the teeth will come out without a fight...


Here's a post with some examples, I recently put my website back together, and I've published a whole heap more on hive.

Some of those would make great book covers :) ...

You mentioned marketing / getting eyes on your content. Are you familiar with Dreemport?


Never heard of it, did a google, but do you have a TLDR / ELI5?

Yeah, I'm an official Dreemport Ambassador :) Have been there since the beginning 🙌

Dreemport is a place where you can connect with others who will read your posts - and in turn, you will be reading other's posts :) And to sweeten the deal, you also earn tokens and playing cards while you do this!

Dreemport also has an awesome community which meets on Discord! On Thursdays you can even share yours and others posts live on Pimp Your Post Thursday 🙌

hahaha i just got the tag that someone said dreemport- and then i saw it was wrestling talking to you

it is not a coincidence that dreemport has my name in it. LOL
I'm the founder hahahaha

Strega uses DreemPort. but hmmm I'm not sure if it would be your jam... 🤔

I'm not trying to downplay it.. hahaha but I find that it works better for newbies who haven't found their "place" yet. and you seem to have yours exactly where you want it hahahaha

but let me just shush now. hahaha

@holoz0r! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @wrestlingdesires. (3/10)

The tip has been paid for by the We Are Alive Tribe through the earnings on, feel free to swing by our daily chat any time you want.

Aww shucks holo! Saddened to see the great holoz0r leave our Splinterlands' community, where only recently I've even started to discover the whole team of great streamers behind SPLTV.

You brought a dry Australian humor to the streams that was always appreciated my friend. It shall be missed.

But if life beckons you to a new calling, and your passions take you elsewhere, it's always a wise decision to delve into this energy.

Thank you for sharing your reasons for leaving, and best of luck in your future endeavors good sir. Perhaps the fates shall one day return you to the Splinterlands anew. 🎩👌

Cheers from good ole Germany

I'll still be around - I don't think anyone is going to make me an offer that I am unable to refuse. So in the interim, I'll continue as normal and see where the future takes me.

That is good to hear friend! Glad you'll still be with us for the foreseeable future...maybe long enough for me to revolutionize Splinterlands with the video game concept I'm working on, which will plug directly into the SPL game.

Ooh, I'm looking forward to hearing more.

Wherever life brings you, I wish you success and the pursuit of happiness.

Thank you. I think Splinterlands can still bring a bit of hapiness for a little bit longer

I still find battling in brawl and tournaments to be lots of fun, but obviously ranked has become a lot harder to compete in. However, battling is only one aspect of Splinterlands. I still find joy in maintaining my LP/staking positions, tending to my rental account, and leveling up my collection when there are deals in the market. Like Matt & Aggy, I enjoy the resource allocation in addition to the strategy involved in battling.

I am keen to get my creatures working on land, but at the same time, if the right offer comes along, I'll take it. I suspect that no such offer is forthcoming at this point, so it's likely that it will be business as usual for me.

That being said, it's good that you've been around this game for a long time and you make videos showing people how it can be played and the way we see it. The team is working very hard and we will see over time we'll see more people getting into it because the market is down right now a lot of people have stopped playing it so as it grows it will be a lot of fun. As a few days back its burning units have also started and it is very good for this project and it is a long term project people can believe in it.

I question the need for the burning when we, as a community, could have just not had DEC-B in the first place. :)

GodSpeed Friend. Well written. Very interesting. We Love You & Will See You Soon...

I think it will be business as usual until I find a buyer, or I lose faith entirely in my future. This is more of a "this is how I feel, and what I think"

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Thanks for sharing! - @azircon


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noooooooooooooooooo :( wen silver ? :(

It's normal in life to move on, it can also be normal to stay. :)

I'm in the same position with Hive in general. But I don't have to choose forever, I can make the choice each day. Come say hi or avoid

I have to admit, feel similar

The point I'm making is I've been here for a very long time. I'm a fossil. I'm ancient. I'm tired.

Thanks for letting us know your thoughts @holoz0r, I believe your situation will be remembered. So even if you do end up leaving, you will still have helped out your community.

I think what you are feeling is not a mid-life crisis, it is just life. What I've learned as I've aged are the things that are important to me. In the early days, those things were much different than they are today. In my 50s, I finally realized its not what you "have", its what you "enjoy".

So I hope you enjoy every day, and I'm sure life will guide you in your proper direction. You are a good guy and have earned much respect.

Whether you have cards or not, you will always be part of this community. Even if you don't show up, you will be remembered. So I hope you do whatever makes you enjoy each day you have on this earth. You have a lot of days ahead most likely, but it seems only a short time when you look backwards. I wish you the best and thanks again for telling us how you feel about things!

I've slept and I've woken up. I feel much the same as I did when I wrote this yesterday - wanting to see where it will go, but at the same time - lacking the patience for it to all come to fruition.

I feel like if I just sleep a few more times, that patience might be rewarded, but my mind nags at me as though I've already made the decision, and the only person I'm "betraying" is myself; or rather, the identity I've carved out for myself in this community - as a rambling, truth seeking (heh, great card!) improperly passionate player, who like everybody else, thinks that they, and only they, know what's best for the game, community, and the future direction.

With that incredibly long sentence out of the way, a shorter one - thank you for being a measured voice of reason. Don't let age define you - which is advise that I should take for myself as well, but I do think I need to reflect upon what it is that I "enjoy".

The difficult part about that is there's not much left that brings me that.

I take that advice and glad you will too. Age is good and bad, depending on how people view it. I still feel "young", even though I know I'm closer to the end than the beginning.

Also, I don't know which DAO votes made you lose faith, but I think as time goes we will grow and develop as a group (just like people do as they get more experiences). If that helps at all :)

I do hope you find what you "enjoy" @holoz0r, you're good dude!

Which DAO votes made me lose faith:

  • DEC-B should have never gained approval.

It effectively injected more "DEC" into the system, delaying the onset of the SPS burning flywheel mechanism.

This was provable mathematically, particularly when it came to exchanging vouchers for DEC-B. This created inflationary supply. DEC-B is the single largest mis-step the development team have elected to conduct, with the approval of the community. In one breath, there's talk about how scarcity is good, and that there will never be enough, and then with DEC-B, the equivalent of up to a few hundred million new "DEC" that would have otherwise been burned by land, guilds, and other mechanisms was put on pause.

It feels as though everything since then has just been trying to, in a way, tidy up that issue, without any admission that it was a poor mathematical choice and outcome.

  • Exchange Listing

I did not feel the timing was correct for this, and strongly voted no on both occasions. With the SEC's recent, increased aggression towards crypto - it is easy to see this as a "told you so", but I don't see how it adds long term value. I know the proposal system is open to everybody.

I know this is now a what-about-ism, but I looked at it as such. If my SPS stake is equal to a percentage of the DAO, and it was my money, would I be happy with (my percentage of the total staked sps * the 30 million) being paid to obtain a nebulous exchange listing? My answer to this question was "no", and thus that was my vote.

Instead, would I be happier to see that 30 million be used as an incentive, split between the team and a marketing campaign to reward certain milestones of new player influx that can expose new people to our game? Yes.

Thanks for explaining. If it makes you feel any better, I'm pretty sure the vote would be NO now on both. I know quite a few have come around to your position on both issues, including me. I did vote "yes" to both and would vote "no" to both now.

I realize its easy to say afterwards, but if you want my reasons for at the time and now, just ask. I will explain why I changed to your way of thinking as opposed to how I thought at the time.

I also agree that spending money to help marketing the game (when they get either the human vs human league in place, or a new mode) is a good use of money for the DAO. We definitely need players to stick around if we spend money.

I'm not trying to talk you out of being disappointed, but I am saying that I think your faith will be restored in the future as we all get more experience in working together.

People must think for themselves, but they must also closely examine the opinions and ramblings of others. That's hard to do sometimes, as people can often mistake criticism of their idea as criticism of themselves.

Learning how to separate these two things is a key skill that many fail to acquire.

We can be passionate and we can be angry; or we can disagree, discuss why, and both choose to grow from that experience. That is the only way it is possible to make progress.

I agree completely, wise words. I know its something I need to improve myself, and I think it applies to many others as well.

 9 months ago  Reveal Comment

Thanks mate. I think it is going to be business as usual, as I don't think anyone is going to make an offer on my collection, but if an opportunity comes about in the future to make a gracious exit, then I'll know that is the time.

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