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Hello Splinterlands Community!

Welcome to another Splinterlands Battle Mage Secrets Weekly Challenge. For this challenge, we are going to discuss the aimless ruleset where all monster will have the scattershot ability.

For those who are new to my post, I usually post information about Silver and Gold Modern league as I usually play within these league, being a beginner in the gold league.


☄️ Ruleset: Aimless


All monster have scattershot ability.

With the Aimless ruleset, all monster will have the scattershot ability.
So what does the scattershot ability does?

With the scattershot ability, range and magic attacks hit a random enemy target while melee monster may be granted by this ability but it does not have any impact to their attacking.

Here are the top abilities that are being affected by the aimless ruleset:

  • Camouflage - a monster in camouflage is affected by the scattershot. The attack can be targeted to the camouflage monster thus removing the benefits of being camouflage.
  • Blast - scattershot and blast is a good combination. When a scattershot deals a damage in the backline, it may deal extra damage towards the two adjacent monster.
  • Taunt - taunt abilities are being neglected with the scattershot attack which means the taunt and sustained set-up is not 100% guaranteed.
  • Blind - this may affect the scattershot accuracy for range monsters.
  • Phase - the magic attack may be evaded
  • Return Fire - having a return fire for monster damaged by the range monster scattershot provides return damage to the attack
  • Magic Reflect - having a return fire for monster damaged by the magic monster scattershot provides a return magic damage to the attack

Furthermore, the speed difference in terms of attack accuracy is also being considered in the scattershot attack. The attack may hit or miss depends on several factors such as speed difference, abilities that may affect accuracy and RNG.


With the Aimless ruleset in-play, here are my consideration in choosing my line-up.

  1. Disregarding the ruleset as I don't want to rely on the RNG of the scattershot. This means that disregarding the ruleset, gives me an option to do a full melee monsters considering the allowable element and monsters available. This considers the melee monsters with sneak, opportunity and reach ability in order for the backline melee monster to attack.

  2. In-case that the melee monster is not enough then I will choose monsters with a high range and magic attack.

  3. Avoid having a monster with low health in the backline as this can be easily defeated with the scattershot attack.

  4. In terms of ability there are many consideration that we can use.
    a. Triage - this ability gives a healing factor in the backline which can sustain scattershot damage
    b. Return Fire/Magic Reflect - this gives extra return fire damage for range/magic monster with scattershot
    c. Amplify - Considering Return Fire/Magic Reflect, the amplify provides additional boost for this monster.

  5. Taunt and Camouflage won't wont in this ruleset so don't mind considering this abilities.


☄️ Cards

Suggested Cards

In my opinion, those monster having high range/magic and with high health could be a good choice in this battle as well s those monster with triage ability.

Below are my top choice of monsters for the Aimless ruleset.

Djinn Renova
Djinn Renova deals a 3 magic damage which is affected by the scattershot ability. The extra health towards all monster and triage gives this card a better position to fight in the aimless ruleset.
Uloth Dhampir
Uloth Dhampir from the riftwatcher edition deals a pretty high range damage with a chance to stun the enemies. This monster also have the triage ability to sustain allies damaged by scattershot attack.
Silvershield Sheriff
Silvershield Sheriff is also a great monster to have with Scattershot ability because of its high damage, piercing ability that pierce through armor and protect which grants extra armor to its allies.
Lava Launcher
A monster with high range damage that have the chance to stun the target
Ash Mirage
Ash Mirage on the other hand basic stats is pretty high and with its abilities to reduce opponent range attack and ignore return fire damage is really a good choice for the aimless ruleset.
Tinderlock is also a great range monster that deals high damage and can reduce magic damage because of the silence ability.
Dhampir Stalker
Dhampir Stalker is a high damage range monster with a 100% success rate in landing the attack to the target. This card is a good use in scattershot where this card attack is a sure hit.

There are a lot of other monster falling into this category, I just choose those who I use mostly for this battle and those monsters are high mana cost which means that these cards is use in high mana battle.

Another one is that there are a lot of monster in the Fire splinter, simply because Conqueror Jacek is like a summoner with the aimless ruleset. Which means most of the scattershot ability applies mostly in these monsters.

Monster having these abilities can be use as well especially in terms of protecting your own lineup

  • Protect - additional armor protection
  • Piercing - piercing through the enemies armor
  • Triage - heals damaged allies in the backline
  • Headwinds/silence - reduce the attack of range/monster opponents
  • Reflection Shield - nullify the return fire and magic reflect damage

Disadvantage Cards

I believe that monsters that falls under below condition do have disadvantage for the Aimless ruleset

  1. Monster with a low health
  2. Monster without armor
  3. Monster with taunt ability
  4. Monster with camouflage ability

Here are top monsters that falls under this category:

  • Scavo Hireling
  • Djinn Biljka
  • Venator Kinjo


☄️ Battle Strategy


Rules of Combat

Modifications: Fire and Regret, Fog of War, Aimless
Mana Cap: 26
Playable Splinters: All elements


Team Composition

  • Summoner: Grandmaster Rathe for the additional armor protection, void armor against magic attack and amplify since there is a return fire ruleset. With Fog of War, it is 100% sure that a magic or range damage will be use in the backline. Thus, Grandmaster Rathe is a good choice.
  • 1st Position: Chaos Knight is a good frontline defender for a cost of only 6 mana. Scattershot is in effect so there are a big chance that other scattershot are landed on the backline instead towards Chaos Knight.
  • 2nd Position: Pelacor Conjurer with the Magic Reflect which can be targeted by a magic scattershot. With its magic reflect, it may provide extra return damage to the magic monsters
  • 3rd Position: Gargoya Scrapper is just really position in the backline to be included in the scattershot target. This increase the odds that my main monster is not targeted.
  • 4th Position: Soul Fiend is the same with Gargoya Scrapper which is just additional target.
  • 5th Position: Djinn Renova is one of the main monster in this lineup dealing magic damage and providing triage support in the backline.
  • 6th Position: Venari Crystalsmith even with the return fire damage will bring a pretty good support to Chaos Knight to sustain the frontline. Any damage taken by Venari Crystalsmith may be sustain by Djinn Renova.

Battle Analysis

Looking at the opponent's lineup, here are the insight on the battle:

  1. Besides a level gap between summoners, the lineup is somehow very odd to me given that only Djinn Oshannus and Merdhampir were the only one to attack. It seems my opponent forgot that opportunity does not work anymore with fog of war as the Deeplurker is no use in the backline;
  2. Stonefish vs Chaos Knight in the frontline is a one sided battle, Stonefish won't do any damage while Chaos Knight can easily defeat stonefish;
  3. Merdhampir without any sustain won't survive long enough beause of the amplified return fire damage
  4. Djinn Renova might prevail in the battle as it can damage Merdaali Guardian disabling the tank heal sustain to Djinn Oshannus after Stonefish is defeated.
  5. Djinn Oshannus attack has been compromise by Grandmaster Rathe void armor ability.

Round 1 to Round 2


  • Having a dummy monster in the backline such as Soul Fiend and Gargoya Scrapper is an effective way to reduce the effectivity of scattershot ability.
  • When Djinn Oshannus attack Pelacor Conjuer, it provides an amplified magic damage, same goes to Merdhampir when dealing range damage to any monster. This is a big advantage to Merdhampir.

Round 2 to 3


  • Merdhampir has been defeated by the return fire damage.
  • Venari Crystalsmith damage taken from the return fire is sustained by Djinn Renova's triage

Round 3 to 6


  • The sustained tank heal is effective from Round 3 to the start of round 5 as both frontline were able to hold it until when Djinn Renova eliminated the healer Merdaali Guardian through the means of scattershot ability. This breaks the cycle.

Round 6 to 8


  • The healing in the frontline and backline was sustained until the end of the match.
  • Deeplurker was not able to perform its duties as it was eliminated before it goes to the frontline because of the scattershot ability
  • The battle concludes in Round 8.


Screenshot 2023-03-19 at 12.22.02 PM.png


☄️ Closing Remarks

Aimless ruleset is really belongs to the RNG mode where in the attacks hits randomly. Many players don't want this ruleset because of the chances to land attack in a desired monster is slim.

One way that I do when this ruleset occurs is to ignore this ruleset if possible by using melee monsters with reach, sneak and opportunity attack.

This ruleset is good to have together with the unprotected ruleset, back to basic and explosive weaponry.

Do you also hate the aimless ruleset?

Thank you for reading! See you in the next Battle Mage Secrets Weekly Challenge!


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