Play to Earn and have Fun

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Most people play games to enjoy, the new generation play to earn and have fun

Most People Play Games

Athletes play to compete
Star Players play to entertain
Professionals play to win tournaments
Students play games for scholarships
Families play for bonding and social interactions
Most important Children play to have fun

P2E Play to Earn

Originally, only professional athletes get paid to play their games.
Boxers get their paychecks after a fight.
Football and Basketball Players sign contracts for a season's salary.
Olympians are trained and sponsored by their government to compete for the gold of their countries.
In addition, Star Players play to earn at a higher price. They have the benefit of being sponsored by top companies who will benefit in their success on the court and off-court promoting their merchandise.


Games Most People Play to Earn

Millennials have many games to choose from these days
With the development of Blockchain Technology, Web3.0, DeFi, Metaverse, and Cryptocurrencies the opportunities are many for the new generations of gamers.

Today's Players use desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and even their cellphones to play to earn.
Gamers do not need to go to the court, outdoors, and gyms to play the games online.
Players do not need to suit up but expensive uniforms and sneakers to play. They can play with their pajamas on. They can also play in the bathroom.

There are many games to make money aka tokens or cryptocurrencies in the online games industry.

Firstly, choose what you want to play and enjoy while sitting for an extended time.
Secondly, you must learn and study the games you want to play to earn.
Thirdly, get a wallet compatible with the tokens of the game will want to play to earn.
Fourthly, you should enjoy the game, otherwise, choose and download another app, another site, and another game.


Everyone can Play

Office Workers can choose a game to play in their breaktime.
Students can play in their recess and spare time.

Professional Gamers make use of their time to compete in tournaments for a price and award.
Investorlike gamers buy NFTs and other collectibles, including tokens to accumulate assets for gains and profit.

Hive Community offers a variety of Games where you can Play to Earn

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Have a Wonderful day


I'm really enjoying the play2earn games from hive, I'm meeting some cool people and having a lot of fun in the process.

Nice to hear that.
Me, I am also enjoying it 😊 much.
Especially during my spare time.

I think play2earn games will become big in the future, but currently, there aren't many games that put having fun in the forefront so most of the current P2E games feel like doing chores, (or gambling, which is technically very fun, but destructively so.)

But I look forward to the day, the benefits NFT promises us become true!


there aren't many games that put having fun in the forefront
I believe fun is like beauty it is within everybody, hopefully the future
is really interesting to look forward to.

I mean, you can have fun in a game that's not made to be fun. The games I'm waiting for are ones that put "fun" design choices over the investment ones if there's a conflict between them, but I won't say this is wrong:

"I believe fun is like beauty it is within everybody,"

Have !PIZZA again!

I go to games where the fun is in the investment side 😊
Earning is really lots of fun this day and enjoying it adds perk to it

You are right, time has changed and now people has the chance of earning money and having fun at the same time.

appreciate your comment

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