End of season awards - Silver 3 + Daily rewards

in Splinterlands2 years ago

Hi everyone, I played this season and ended up with a rating of 2646, I was at silver 3 due to the low power invested in my deck, something around 16k average, I focused more on daily challenges and keeping power between 15k and 19k so that the daily challenges chests were better, as I'll be showing you next, I really liked this new way in which the prize increases according to the number of victories, I'm back to playing now after a break of a few months.

end of season 82 chests.png

reward wnd of season.png

The focus mission is based on earth deck, my main strategy is abuse of 2 cards, KRON THE UNDYING + SCARRED LLAMA MAGE, with this combo I reach 8 silver chests



focus end daily mission.png

daily quest reward.png

the award of both chests was not what was expected, but it helps a little in the rentals this season, I'm happy, even though I know it could be better, at least there were many rare cards that I still didn't have in the collection.



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