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Hi everyone,
All seasons so far, I passed bronze 1, for the reason of spending little dec/day, in addition to having competitive decks and getting high rating values, but lately, when reaching +- 1600 rating in Modern format, the rating gain in case of victory was on average 9 and the loss after defeat was around 22, I noticed that the matches gave me a maximum of 1000 RP, which is used in daily quests to get chests, in addition to the bronze awards not were very good, another important thing was the fact that to be able to participate in the bronze leaderboard, it was necessary to spend a lot of Dec/day with the rent of legendary summoners, ex: Yodin Zaku(+-55 dec/day) or Scarred LLama mage (+- 56dec/day) (combo with Kron The undying (+- 49 dec/day)), I'm going to show you a little bit of my strategy for switching to silver, showing the reasons and expenses.




On Bronze 1 /day
Reward avarage = 0.138$
Dec spend = 30
+rating winning = +9 per match
-rating winning = -22 per match
Rp winning match = 1000 per match without use S monster

on Rating 1620 in prata 3, this evolved to:
Reward avarage = I will still receive these rewards and calculate, but since I went up to silver in a season, the daily reward was 500 decs + some good cards
Dec spend = 130
+rating winning = +20 per match
-rating winning = -20 per match
Rp winning match = 2700 per match without use S monster


Owster Rotwell lv4

Reflect magical dmg, price of 11,5dec/day

Mother Khala lv 4

+1 HP to all, price of 12dec/day

Bortus lv4

-1 magic dmg, price of 17 dec/day

Brighton Bloom lv4

General Summoner, good skill (Flying), price of 17 dec/day



These are my neutral monster picks with reasonable cost and good effect, I use peakmonsters and the bid tool to rent each of them at a lower price than what is available on the market. This tool already saves me a lot of dec/day, especially in Summoners, for example, Owster Rotwell lv4 costs 39,364, but I managed to bid 17dec/day and rented for 11.5 dec/day, a very high discount, thus allowing rent a lot of cards this way to complete my strategy.



My bid list is:

death bid.jpg

Finally, one of the main reasons to go up to the silver league was analyzing the matches of the tops of the league, in these matches, I often had games where the summoners were lv2 (cards used in very low lvs) thus allowing me to have a high rate of victories for an average investment, this incentive makes me try to reach the top of the league, at the end of the season I will return to write about my conclusions, my awards, expenses and even what rating I managed to achieve.


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