Water deck for the top of bronze league/silver league

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Hi everyone,
In this post i will show my strategy to reach 2,1k+ rating with Water deck, my renting and central monsters to reach this rating with +- 12 decs/day.


Kelya Frendul lv2

Give speed + armor, is really good against decks in general, protect your backline to sneak and opportunity decks (Tarsa firedeck)

Lir Deepswimmer lv1

many effects, protects against virtually everything but magic decks, used in high manacap, x ranged decks and x melee decks, to complete the protection Torhilo the Frozen could be select the main tank.


2 Less manacap to fix curve.

Ice Pixie

Fly + magical dmg.

Pirate Archer

powerful card with ranged dmg + blast, really good.

Hardy stonefish

HP + Armor, good option to use in last position to protect backline ou in the first to tank 2 hits from enemy monsters.

Torrent Fiend

good option to use in last position to protect backline ou in the first to tank, 0 cost is insane, use every combat, so much cheap, since furious chicken is 9+ dec/day.

Mid cost dmg options

Sabre Shark

lv3 is a 2 dmg with sneak and 3 speed (important).

Feasting Seaweed

The Best option to cost 0-5, lv3 is a 3 dmg with opportunity, play in midrange positions 3-4.

Tide Biter

Reach monster to play on position 2, 2 dmg and some hp to tank a little.


Pirate Captain

Insane, in lv3, is a 2 dmg ranged with snype, could kill some low hp backline dmg sources.

Kulu Swimhunter

Good option to last position, 2 ranged dmg with 5 hp on lv3.

Big monster

Torhilo the Frozen

Best tanker option against magical decks (earth obsidian).


Djinn Oshannus

Could be tanker against magical decks, have high hp(10), 2 magical dmg and really high speed (5).


Wave Brood

Should be used to protect backline, or give share the dmg with the main tanker, really good with no melee rule or high manacap.

Sea Monster

High HP, high melee dmg (3), and the best, HEAL, used in general, and especially when the poison or earthquake rule is being used.

Flying Squid

Best second tanker, used in second position because the reach, used in high manacap games


Could be used in the midrange position or second position, opportunity is really good and the high dmg helps to clear the backline with 1 hit.


Naga Swindmaster

Used against ranged decks (light)

Crustacean King

Used to heal main tank, lv3 gain 1 ranged dmg

Demented Shark

Have Inspire, giving +1 melee dmg to all, used with rules of all monster have opportunity or melee monster have sneak


Venari Wavesmith

Give +2 armor to all, and have magical dmg.


The deck is really good, cheap coast, and could be the way to reach 2k+ rating playing.

If you are interested in the game, use my reference link:

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All images taken from https://splinterlands.com/.


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