Waka Spiritblade Digital Fan Art - Splinterlands Art Contest! Week 182

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Waka Final.png

Legendary Death Summoner Waka Spiritblade. Fan art submission to Splinterlands Art Contest.


The Creation of Waka Spiritblade Artwork

Greetings everyone! How you all doing? It is me again Steven.
Today, I'd like to share to you my Art entry of the weekly contest in Splinterlands. You could join the Contest by clicking this LINK HERE.

Join me walk through the process of creation and hope you have fun as the art progress from the start to finish.


Materials and Software

Adobe Photoshop
HUION H640P graphic tablet
ASUS X415 Laptop


Card Reference:

Waka Spiritblade Card.png

You could check the Lore in here


Digital Art Creation Process


First thing I did was make a rough sketch of the character with the details he has in there like the sharp blades and the skull mask . I just follow the pose of the card reference. Just adding some style and look how cool he raise his head while performing the releasing of his powers.


Still have no idea what would the finished output will be, it's cool just to have fun with the sketch. Build it until you find something that you're happy with. I just stack up some blacks in there until the values are somehow correct.


After I have my sketch, it might be fun to color it now but I like to make it more detailed so here's the final sketch looks like.

Sketch Final.png

Let's proceed to the next step. I Hope you're having fun so far.


Color Overlay

Alright! Here I Add New Layer and set that to Overlay Blending Mode. Pick some color and brush through the areas of the character. I like to used overlay blending to add color if I'm doing a grayscale sketch artwork. Here is the result from grayscale to color.

Color Overlay.png

That is sure a muddy output there haha but we can work it out bring it light.

Color Correct.png

Here I start to refine the details in the chest area first then the arms and so on. Let's start to refine the character in the next step.


Refine Character Details

In here I Separate the Character to the background so that we can manage to refine it first. And here it looks like.

Refine Character.png

I divide the layers into these sections. The Character, The Tattoos/Bones, The Magical Powers, and The Background.

Magical Powers


Pretty much we're getting near let's refine further!


Having fun with the hair. That looks dope already happy with the character build up so far.

We're almost there guys! Keep going! Let's go to the next step.


Final Render Details

Yeaaahh let's go all in here now. Stack up lots of layers refine and add the details missing. The Golden Waka necklace cool! The highlights in body and color correction, so far it looks so cool here.


Let's add the Tattoos and Refine the Highlights. Also add some deep Shadows.


Hohoo! Now to add these bones or horns. Add our magical power also. This is how it looks.


I think that's already good for me I'm happy with the result. Let's go to the final step.


Final Step
Adding Lightning Magic and Glowing Hands

For the last step, I added this lightning magic all over the body. Add some magical glowing hands and the golden sparkle over the necklace. And here it is!


That's it! Wohoooo we're done!




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Hoooo! that was fun. You made it to the end of this post. I really appreciate your time and attention and I hope you learned something today.
'Till the next post see yah!
Thank you very much!

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Thanks for sharing! - castleberry#6859

Thanks for stopping by bro!

This is one of your best work yet. I love it!

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Yoooow Flauwy! Thank you for time of viewing my art man! Very much appreciated😎

At Last!!

HAHAHA.. Ang Galing mo talaga Brooo!!

hahahaha damn salamat bro! chill lang tayo

Chill!! 😁👌

🤘☠️ That's the real waka pose I was looking for, great touch! !PIZZA

Brooooo! Thank you very much man. Go hop in and drop your entry now!

I have something in my mind but it might take more than a week to do. I would like to have a 3d map of Praetoria 😁 Which lore happened where, when … all will be noted on it! Well it might take a month maybe 😂

Woaaahh damn this is gonna be you bro!

I'm very excited to see that. Take a month to be finished I say that's huuuge bro let's get it on!

This one comes out so vibrant and wonderful @japex1226 . Thanks for sharing this. I love this.

Thank you very much for your time in viewing my artwork very much appreciated!

This is great! Waka's facial expression, the colors, the details....
Just WoW! ( I hope there's a token named WoW that can be called for artworks like this)

Yooowww Thanks for stopping by bro! That's a really a WOW there hope you have a great day!



Brooooo!! Thank you so so much for having the time to view! I really appreciate that. You're great as always!


You're a legendary too bud!

Galing! Awesome art sir! Followed you for more art inspiration po. ✌️😁

Uy maraming salamat po sa pag view and comment ng artwork. Just be inspired and have fun with the contest!

Insane work man, I tip my hat to you, outstanding!!! !PIZZA

Thank you very much for stopping by Brooo!! GRACIAS mi amigo!

I've been waiting for your renowned artwork for two months, and you're certainly an inspiration to many. I hope you keep posting often so that I can stay motivated to draw more!

Thank you very much for viewing and for the awesome comment bro! I will try my best to keep posting. I would love to see more of your artworks too keep it up and keep being inspired.

Masterpiece !!! More please!

Thank you very much Goku let's do more!

Awesome job man that is a really good drawing! keep up the good work! !PIZZA

Yoow broo! Thank you very much for stopping by and for that awesome comment. You're a super saiyan!



Thank you very much for stopping by bud. Very much appreciated

Great WAKA! Insanely cool!
The coolest of your work I've ever seen!
Both the realism of WAKA and the power of magic are cool!
I'm surprised!

Thank you very much for stopping by man and for your awesome comment, very much appreciated.
I still have long way to go still learning day by day.
Just having fun here haha

Amazing work!


Thank you very much for your time of viewing man! I appreciate it.


hahah Salamat Bro! ang bangis mo rin

grabe ang galing mo idol GODBLESS you and your family

Uy salamat ng marami Idol! Godbless din sa inyo hope you're doing well with you and your fam!

Como siempre un Dios dibujando!!!

muchas gracias hermano. También clavaste tus artes!

Woah! This is insane!

Thank you very much for stopping by man! I appreciate that.


Thank you very much man!

Welcome dude!

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