Epic Earth Showdown: Witness the Ultimate Clash of Monsters in Splinterlands!

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Welcome back splinter Fellas,

I hope everyone is enjoying their day tremendously! I'm happy to say that my day has also been really fantastic. Today, I'm excited to tell you about an exciting brawl fight I recently took part in. This conflict not only provides important insights into the enormous power and adaptability of earth monsters and summoners, but it is also very interesting to watch.


In this post, I will take you on a journey through this epic brawl. Prepare to be amazed as you witness the true potential of earth monsters and summoners in action. Discover their strategic brilliance and uncover the hidden tactics that make them a force to be reckoned with. Prepare to be engrossed in the compelling facts of this epic conflict. You'll be on the edge of your seat throughout, from fearsome earth creatures releasing terrible attacks to crafty summoners using sophisticated tactics.


  • The mana for this battle was 32 and there were 3 Rules for this combat.

Battle Details.png

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  • Up To Eleven: All monsters have the Amplify ability.

Alright, so the battle rule is known as "Up To Eleven." Under this rule, whenever you engage in a battle, all the monsters involved in the encounter are granted a special ability called "Amplify." Now, you might be wondering, what exactly does this Amplify ability entail? Allow me to explain. The Amplify ability serves as a powerful boost for certain specific abilities possessed by the monsters. These abilities include Magic Reflect, Thorns, and Return Fire. When a monster possesses any of these mentioned abilities and also has the Amplify ability active, their attacks become even more potent. In fact, they inflict an additional point of damage compared to their usual strength. This enhancement becomes evident when observing an example during a battle.

Untitled design (7).gif

My team had the formidable melee power monster named UNICORN MUSTANG. In this particular encounter, UNICORN MUSTANG strikes the opposing monster, VENARI KNIFER, who possesses the Thorns ability. Typically, Thorns would cause 2 health points of damage to the attacker. However, due to the presence of the Amplify ability in this battle, VENARI KNIFER manages to inflict 3 health points of damage upon UNICORN MUSTANG. The additional point of damage results from VENARI KNIFER benefiting from the Amplify ability during the clash. This showcases how the Amplify ability can substantially impact the outcome of battles, altering the damage inflicted by monsters possessing certain abilities. It adds an extra layer of strategic depth to the gameplay, introducing new dynamics and tactics to consider when engaging in battles under the Up To Eleven rule.


  • Ferocity: All the monsters have the Fury ability.

The combat rule called Ferocity provides an extra ability to the monsters used in the battle. And that ability is Fury. So those who don't know what is Fury ability, let me explain you. When any monster has this ability, that monster can do double damage when it targets a monster with the Taunt ability. So if your monster has 2 melee attack power and the opponent used a Taunt ability monster, that 2 melee attack-power monsters can damage 4 health to the opponent's Taunt ability monster.


  • Holy Protection: All the monsters have the Divine Shield ability.

Untitled design (8).gif

Well, the Divine Shield ability helps a lot in battle. Doesn't matter how powerful the attack of the opponent's monsters is, the very first attack from any opposition team's monsters will be totally useless. At the beginning of the battle, the monsters of both teams start attacking each other. But the Divine Shield was protecting all the first attacks.

Your paragraph text (4).gif

The Rare Earth monster, Unicorn Mustang, is a formidable creature with unparalleled strength and unique abilities. With three powerful melee attacks in its arsenal, this majestic beast strikes fear into the hearts of its opponents.

What sets Unicorn Mustang apart is its exceptional ability, "Void," which allows it to nullify enemy buffs and resistances, turning the tide of battle in its favor. With its unmatched power and versatile skills, Unicorn Mustang proves to be the ultimate choice for those seeking victory in epic encounters.

It cost 8 mana to utilize in the battle.

A fascinating figure known as the Mushroom Seer rises from the depths of the enchanted woodland in the realm of mythological creatures. This one-of-a-kind and uncommon Earth Monster boasts a remarkable ability: the power of silence. The Mushroom Seer's compelling presence can dampen its opponents' magical attacks, changing the tide of combat in its favor. The Mushroom Seer's silence ability develops as a powerful force that reduces all enemy monsters' magical attack power. Its very presence emits a magical aura, obstructing the flow of spells and incantations. This talent proves to be a strong weapon, significantly weakening the enemy's magical attacks.
The Mushroom Seer's spellcasting ability is demonstrated by its outstanding magic attack power of 2. Its own magical talents enable it to unleash devastating assaults on its enemies, making it a powerful foe on the battlefield. Despite its low cost of only 5 mana, this creature has the power to change the course of any encounter.

It cost 5 mana to use in the battle.

This Common Earth Monster has a special and selfless ability called martyrdom, despite not being as intimidating as some of its contemporaries. When the Fungus Flinger dies, its sacrifice strengthens the nearby monsters, giving them newfound strength and enhancing their skills. Masters of strategy recognize the Fungus Flinger as an invaluable addition to their ranks. Its martyr ability can turn the tide of battles by empowering nearby allies, granting them an advantage when facing formidable opponents. Though its ranged attack power may not be as destructive as other monsters, its true value lies in the support it provides to the team.

Careful placement and timing are essential when deploying the Fungus Flinger. By positioning it strategically adjacent to other monsters, its martyr ability can be maximized, ensuring the greatest benefit for the team. As the Fungus Flinger selflessly sacrifices itself, it becomes a catalyst for victory, inspiring and empowering its allies to overcome the most daunting challenges.

It cost 3 mana to use in the battle.

This Common Earth Monster possesses a unique and supportive ability called tank heal. With its innate healing powers, the Goblin Psychic bestows rejuvenation upon the first-positioned monster in each round, bolstering their health and providing them with renewed vitality. With a modest cost of 6 mana, the Goblin Psychic offers a valuable support role on the battlefield. While its own magical attack power is a formidable 2, its true strength lies in its ability to mend the wounds of its comrades. With every round, the Goblin Psychic channels its healing energies towards the first-positioned monster, ensuring their survival and granting them an enduring advantage. Wise tacticians eagerly seek the Goblin Psychic to fortify their armies, recognizing the immense value of its tank heal ability. By occupying the first position, the Goblin Psychic becomes a beacon of support and healing for its allies. Its nurturing powers grant the initial monster increased longevity, creating a formidable front line that can weather the storm of enemy assaults.

It cost 6 mana to use in the battle

Amidst the bustling arenas and the roar of the crowd, a formidable gladiator known as Katrelba Gobson strides into the limelight. This Common Earth Monster possesses extraordinary skills, combining the prowess of double attack and bloodlust. With its ability to strike twice in a single round and its insatiable thirst for victory, Katrelba Gobson becomes an unstoppable force on the battlefield. With a cost of only 6 mana, the Katrelba Gobson offers an impressive array of offensive capabilities. Its melee attack power of 2 showcases its exceptional combat skills. However, it is the combination of double attack and bloodlust that truly sets this gladiator apart. With each swing of its weapon, Katrelba Gobson can strike twice, raining blows upon its adversaries with unrivaled speed and precision. The bloodlust ability further amplifies Katrelba Gobson's power. Every time this fearsome gladiator vanquishes an enemy monster, it undergoes a transformation, its stats receiving a +1 boost. As the battle progresses and the fallen foes accumulate, Katrelba Gobson's strength grows exponentially, making it an even more formidable opponent with each victory.

It cost only 6 mana to use in the battle


The Battle (1).png

During our thrilling encounter, my opponent selected the Earth summoner known as the Wizard of Eastwood. This remarkable summoner possesses a unique ability to diminish the armor of every enemy monster. However, little did my opponent know that none of my own monsters possessed any armor to begin with. The act of reducing non-existent armor turned out to be a futile effort, much to my amusement. It was a comical moment as the Wizard of Eastwood's power went to waste.

Untitled design (5).gif

Taking advantage of the situation, I swiftly summoned another Earth ally, the mighty Obsidian. This formidable summoner held the power to bestow additional magic attack prowess upon all of my friendly monsters. As I invoked the presence of Obsidian, a surge of mystical energy enveloped the battlefield, empowering my team with heightened magical abilities.

The magic attack monsters in my arsenal, the Mushroom Seer and the Goblin Psychic reaped the benefits of Obsidian's enchantment. The Mushroom Seer, renowned for its silent prowess and formidable magical power, became even more potent as the additional magical energy coursed through its essence. Simultaneously, the Goblin Psychic, with its inherent healing abilities and mystical strength, embraced the amplified magical might bestowed upon it.


The inclusion of the Holy Protection combat rule presented an interesting challenge during our battle. While not exactly a problem, its existence did affect the course of the battle, preventing me from securing victory sooner. One particular instance involved my gladiator monster, Katrelba Gobson, who could have potentially incapacitated the Goblin Psychic in the first round. Alas, this was rendered impossible due to the presence of the Divine Shield, primarily sourced from the Holy Protection combat rule. Despite the setback in the initial round, she managed to eliminate the Goblin Psychic in the second round. As a result of this defeat, Katrelba Gobson's Bloodlust ability was triggered, causing a remarkable surge in all of its stats. With newfound strength coursing through its veins, Katrelba Gobson prepared for its next move.

Untitled design (6).gif

Having the capacity to unleash two consecutive attacks, Katrelba Gobson seized the opportunity to strike again, this time targeting the Goblin Chariot. The ferocity of the gladiator's assault should have been sufficient to vanquish the Goblin Chariot in a single blow. However, once more, the Divine Shield intervened, shielding the Goblin Chariot from imminent defeat. The Holy Protection combat rule, which granted the Divine Shield, continued to play a pivotal role in the battle. It posed a persistent obstacle, defying the expectations of a swift victory. Its influence added an extra layer of complexity to our clash, as strategies had to be adjusted and alternative tactics devised to overcome the seemingly impenetrable defense.

While the Holy Protection combat rule posed challenges and altered the flow of the battle, it also served as a testament to the intricacies of combat mechanics. It highlighted the importance of adaptability, forcing both sides to reconsider their approaches and explore new avenues for success. The unpredictable nature of battles became evident as each move unfolded, emphasizing the need for foresight and the ability to think on one's feet.


As the battle raged on, my mainstay monster, Unicorn Mustang, found itself relentlessly targeted by three opposing creatures. The relentless assault placed it in a precarious position, with its survival hanging by a thread. Among its adversaries, Venari Knifer proved to be the most formidable challenger, particularly due to its Thrones ability. Complicating matters further was the presence of the combat rule known as "Up to Eleven," triggering the Amplify ability for each monster involved. The Amplify ability, in conjunction with Venari Knifer's own Amplify boost, heightened the potency of its Thrones ability. The normally taxing ability now inflicted a staggering 3 health damage upon Unicorn Mustang. With each attack, Unicorn Mustang's resilience waned, and it seemed on the brink of defeat by the end of the second round.

Untitled design (7).gif

However, in a twist of fate, another member of my team, the Goblin Psychic, possessed the invaluable tank heal ability. With a surge of restorative power, the Goblin Psychic intervened, channeling healing energies toward Unicorn Mustang. In a remarkable display of support, the Goblin Psychic managed to restore 3 health to the beleaguered Unicorn Mustang just in the nick of time. Thanks to the timely intervention of the Goblin Psychic, Unicorn Mustang managed to cling to life despite the overwhelming assault it faced. The tenacity and perseverance of these two team members intertwined, forming a bond that defied the odds and allowed Unicorn Mustang to survive the intense barrage.

The battlefield crackled with tension as the combatants grappled with the intricacies of each ability and rule at play. Unicorn Mustang, with its unwavering spirit and resilience, embodied the indomitable nature of a mythical creature, refusing to succumb to the onslaught it endured. The support offered by the Goblin Psychic, with its unique healing powers, exemplified the importance of teamwork and synergy in the face of adversity. This tale serves as a testament to the delicate balance of power and strategy in the realm of battle. Every ability, combat rule, and team composition bears significance, often deciding the difference between victory and defeat. In the case of Unicorn Mustang and the Goblin Psychic, their symbiotic relationship proved pivotal in averting imminent disaster and defying expectations.


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