Splinterlands : Are you ready for the Chaos legion

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Splinterlands chais legion packs will be out and you will be able to open them very soon. In less then 12 hours of time you will get your hands of the Chaos legion packs if you own any.

I have 25 chaos and 10 xchaos packs so i am waiting myself to open them up. I will not open all the packs tomorrow but maybe around 15 packs.

I hope to get legendary , epic , and gold cards from the Chaos legion packs opening tomorrow.

Do you have some chaos legion packs in your bag ? are you going to open them up ?

See you tomorrow with chaos legion packs opening.

Thank you


My advice (unasked for, I know) is sell the XCHAOS. The consensus now seems to be that packs won't sell out immediately, so XCHAOS is a bad deal, since you're paying 50% more than a pack for a pack. Sell those and buy into packs now. Or hold the money and use it to buy 15 CL packs instead of 10 XCHAOS tokens.