Awesome victory brought home by @funnel this time!

love you guys!





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i believe your rival looked something like this when he realized he's facing a Llama /Quora team


great brawl kenny

Congrats on another 1st place finish for PIZZA 1 The Stuffed Crust! That battle with Quora Towershead was awesome! I didn't think I'd see an improvement on the Llama/Kron combo for sub-20 mana battles, but I think this one is better.

Great brawl! Congratulations!
I will be back with you very soon :)

Wow..there ppl who play with the basic summoners in your league/...kray kray #pizzaforall #spt

Congratulations 👏👏👏
What a performance and great showing of the new cards.

Looking forward for more battle vids...

Great job!!!

Hey, that's nice to find a report on our battle from your perspective as my opponent. For the record, here is my perspective (which you already commented. Thanks for stopping by! !PIZZA )

PS: My Report on that Brawl is in my drafts and coming up before the actual brawl is over. I'm doing this since Brawl One.

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well done grats!

Great brawl! Congrats on the win!