So Land Is Finally Coming Next Week!

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It felt like forever (and then some) but it seems like Land 1.5 is finally going to be deployed on next Tuesday as of the most recent town-hall. First we've heard about land was in early 2020 and needless to say, nobody in the community expected things to take nearly as long as they did in the end. On a personal note, seeing Farpetrad repeatedly post that development on land had only started shortly before Splinterfest is something that could get me really salty.

But it is what it is, and with Matt taking over I'm all for a fresh start and rebuilding trust again. So I'm not going to get into that stuff any more and will instead focus on the positive side of things. Land is finally coming, and I'm really exited for it! So in this article, I'm going to discuss my personal plan for land and what I'm going to do moving forward.


As you guys may know, I was one of the lucky people that got to buy a full region during the first presale and I've held on to it ever since. Over time, I've bought some additional plots when ever I saw a good deal and so right now, I'm sitting on a total of 1,056 plots. Getting all of them running is going to require an insane amount of SPS. If I were to put max level monsters on all of my plots, I would require a total of 52,800,000 DEC, so close to $53,000. Unsurprisingly, I don't have that amount of money sitting in my account... not even close.

I had started to save up DEC several times over the years but then usually something else came up. The latest episode of this happening was the Rebellion presale. I went back and forth between buying Rebellion packs and saving everything for Land several times but in the end decided to get myself some Rebellion packs. Firstly, because I want to keep competing at the top of Modern Champion League but also secondly, because I wanted to support the company and show my support for this whole fresh start thing. So I ended up buying 1,200 packs in the presale:


While this used up most of the DEC I had saved up I'm somewhat confident, that this still was the right decision to make. Actually playing Splinterlands will remain my highest priority and on top of that, I've probably made about 1,000,000 SPS just from holding that land all the time so I'm not really in a rush to get as much return as possible out in the early days of Land 1.5. That said, I still want to utilize my land of course and come Land 2.0 I want to be as ready as possible to fully dive in the then way more complex economy.

Land 1.5 will only feature three different resources that can be harvested:

  • SPS
  • Research Tokens
  • Grain to feed the monsters working on land

As indicated above, I feel like I've already made enough SPS from land. Additionally, between ranked, tournaments, brawls, and staking rewards I should still earn about 1,000 SPS a day even without the bonus from SPS. Also, with everything we've learned from Matt about the Secret of Praetoria, I really want to get involved with that early on. In terms of grain, I will try to produce all the grain I need myself but nothing more. I've heard from several people that they plan to go hard on grain but honestly, I feel like that's a dead end. We might see some early high value sales for grain initially, but by the time the grain market is in the game most people will already be self sufficient so I don't believe that there are any major gains possible from farming grain.

So what does that mean for my initial setup? I do have 6 rare and 1 Epic occupied plot in my region, so I want to get those up and running for SPS eventually:


Everything else will go towards Research Tokens and grain to keep everything running. Because of my Rebellion shopping spree, though, I will only have enough DEC to set up 20 plots initially. With this very modest amount, I'm only going to man my Epic occupied plot and everything else will go to magic plots for research tokens and natural plots for grain production.


I was lucky enough to pull one extra legendary plot in my region and also got one legendary Magic plot. So these 10 natural legendary plots should hopefully be enough to get the grain production going from the get go. I will then put everything that's left towards my most rare magic plots and just see where that takes me from there. My keeps and castle will sit idle initially because my plots are obviously spread out across all the tracts and so I don't feel like I have a tract that would really make it worth my while to get the tract or keep already set up. So at least in my region, all the tax will get burned completely - you may consider that my contribution to reducing the total amount of SPS that's ever going to be there.

With Rebellion around the corner, for the moment that's going to be everything I put into land. My first priority will then be to max out my Rebellion set. As always, I intend to use a regular foil deck, so all my gold foils will be sold on the market and converted to additional packs and singles. The same is true for any spare copies of the promo cards I get and hopefully, this should already get me quite a bit towards maxing out my first cards. Everything that's still missing after that will be acquired aggressively, so I'm totally prepared to burn my daily SPS gains and sell my vouchers until I have the whole set maxed out, which I hope to achieve no later then the end of December.

After that, the Conflicts system is already going to launch which means I will need to acquire enough battle wagons to stake my (then complete) Rebellion set. I won't burn SPS for that, but anything else coming in will go towards that part until I have enough battle wagons to stake everything I have. Only then, and only if nothing else comes up, I'll start to look at land again. Starting from there, I will acquire additional DEC from renting cards and SPS, and possibly selling additional vouchers again. I expect renting returns to go up quite a bit again, so I should make about 10k DEC total a day again which would allow me to bring another plot online every 5 days.

So while I'm really excited about land finally going online it's also going to quite a while before everything is really set up on my end. Let's see how far away Land 2.0 is and if my priorities will change based on that. My (now not so) secret hope is that land serving will come around sooner and later and will take care of more and more of the plots I don't have in use yet. Either way, there are fun and exciting times ahead of us!

And that's all from me for today, thank you all for reading and see you next time.



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Sounds like a plan - I'd have the same priotities - occupied and magic first, then legs.

I got very lucky with a castle on my tract - so i get other people's taxes.

They didn't think Castles through properly I don't think - as a region holder yr basically collecting taxes from yrself so it's useless right?

Aye, keeps and castles feel like a band aid solution.
I do hope that they get a major overhaul with Land 2.0...

I'll let you know what the yield is like... there's that funny decreasing returns PP thing I remeber which makes it irrational to max out a castle plot. Also a bit bonkers. And obvs it depends on whether the other tract holders go hard on land or not! It's gonna be... variable!

Variable gets it pretty well... :-D
I feel bad for the people that own keeps/castles in regions where I hold random plots.
Those are never going to be worked by me... so unless land serving takes care of them, they'll just sit idle for years to come.
But yes, please keep me posted on the returns, I will have to keep monitoring to see once it makes sense to bring mine online.

Finally! it has been ages. I still remember you writing about getting a tract instead of going to a metal cruise if my memory serves me correct.

Lets get that flywheel going!

Aye, that was the trade off back in the day. Never regretted it, even now that land could pay for several metal cruises... and then some :-D

These are a lot of plots to populate ;-). I'm quite happy that I only have 4 plots to take care of :-)

Indeed, that's why I'm not in a rush at all. Might feel different if I only had 100 plots or so - but with more than 1000 I know there's no way I'll have them running any time soon so I don't feel stressed about it.

If there is not additional utility coming with the Land release, they should not do it. Let's look at it after release, but the blowback from the broader industry might be brutal.

Additional utility is probably coming with Land 2.0 - for now it's going to be rather bare bone.

That's what Crypto Gamer are allergic to. Just ponzi, no utility might become the echo coming back.

That's why it's important to get that Land 2.0 white paper out as soon as possible... and, more importantly, to not take ages again before it's released ;-)

There should be tooltips and raodmap links everywhere, very important.

I just have 3 common natural plots, which will produce grain. I mainly want to exchange this for DEC later on. We will see.

Nice collection of land plots.

Cheers! Best of luck with your plots - not too late to get some more, plots are still really affordable right now ;-)

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