Dead Team Is Just TOOO OP !

in Splinterlandslast year (edited)

In My Opinion, This season Death is the real Meta


U must wonder why?! simple almost all of his monsters have debuff skills which will weaken even the strongest enemies.

To Give you a perfect example I will share with you my last battle on Splinterlands.


An 46 Mana Cap Game With Aim True And Equalizer As Rule

Equalizer is perfect to let low HP monsters to shine xD

Summoner Choice: ZINTAR MORTALIS

He is one of my favorite summoner even from my early days.

Front line "BEASTS"


Divine Healer 1.png

Back Lines

  1. FALLEN SPECTER - Perfect To Bring Terror on enemies Ranks
  2. THEOROSA NIGHTSHADE - Perfect To Heal Our "Siphon" which is:
  3. ANCIENT LICH - Which will dry out all the life force from enemies.

Divine Healer 3.png

The Battle


The battle started to our advantage enemies are demoralized before we land the first blow xD

Round 1 ended with no casualties, and their tank almost dead


Round 2 ended with mustang death, and Harklan seriously injured

Round 3 ended with Harklan dead. The first and last casualty in this fight. The Win is ours they will not have another opportunity to regroup.
On Round 7 Lich King siphon the last drop of life and ended the fight.

Conclusion: Death team is in my opinion S tier for GOLD league.

If U want to join Splinterlads:

Keep safe mates and till next time, PEACE! <3