Information Regarding The 6,000,000 SPS Dump Yesterday

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“What goes around comes around.”

I decided to dig deeper into the 6M SPS that was sold and here is what I found.

For a closer look I have shared all the photos from the video.








@dotwin1981 for reference



Detective Leveluplife is on the case

Tagging @dotwin1981 for reference.

Damn it didn't even click for me that this was a HIVE user.

Thanks for tagging. I had already forgotten about the incident. So the address where my money ended up belongs to ChangeNow? Therefore, I could then no longer follow up.
All only criminals out there.

These were your SPS tokens?

No, fortunately not.
I had a post last year where I described that my BNB were stolen from my account. And the final destination of the transfer tracking was the same address as now with the SPS.

Good shit my dude!



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nice research, thx for sharing!

great research! But it's still unclear what actually happened

From a short Research with a Friend found this already:


Looks like those Adresses are Binance Wallets at the final destination

On of these looks like the Binance Wallet because it's moving funds to Binance Hot Wallet.

Since this is not looking like a Hack but suspicious - i dont realy know if Binance would investigate there.

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    This is the second or third time I have returned to this post to play it.

    of course it was @themarkymark scammer that sits here since ages and nobody acts. he started with making bots that vote for %, got a whale and did more.
    of course since he could code and become whale community here and even whales never cared (despite he had 100s of accounts).

    now you see, and its too late.

    The Hive blockchain is scammed through and through - the main scammers are part of the main witnesses / disgrace destroying the entire system !!!

    Thanks for your work - subtract these scammers - need to re-vote on the main witnesses - these bitches sit and do not respond to this post, this suggests that they are all scammers and fuck us all!

    Friend, what did you immediately downvote - where is your criticism of my message - did you crap yourself? @ausbitbank