Splinterland's SPS Token Airdrop

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Splinterland a NFT game on Hive blockchain. I have been playing this game for a year. I mostly play this game on and off and my tier is gold 2 Level. Recently Splinterland has launched its governance token SPS and has made this game in top trends. SPS token is also performing well and has also touched 1$ mark in a day. SPS token airdropped to those account holders, who have Splinterland's different assets. They have introduced some formula to calculate airdrop points and my points are 249,547. So I am going to get 45 SPS daily for one year. This is huge for me as I am not regular player of this game. I always admire Splinterland game because of its professional interface and up-to-date technology. I always use its interface to send tokens from hive to Bsc and also to sell NFT's on wax easily.


Splinterland's all other products like in-game token Dec and other packs/land are also going up. I also have high hopes with this new SPS token venture.

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