SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! DRAGONS! Here we goo!

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Rarity: EPIC
Element: DRAGON
Abilities: NIL


Edition: REWARD
Rarity: RARE
Element: DRAGON
Attack: RANGE
Abilities: NIL

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Hello everyone! For the share your battle on dragons , this is the second time splinterlands launch this challenge for dragons . Last time I shared the challenge using brighton bloom where we are able to use on earthquake ruleset and now I want to share a low mana battle with certain ruleset. Yes it is the silenced summoner ruleset.

Okay! Here's my game:



Round 1:

  • Firstly , the splinter. Why did I pick this summoner despite the others is because with 3 mana , it is the same mana used for other summoner and for this ruleset (silenced summoner) , the abilities on summoner do not matter. Using kretch gives more options in our cards and decision to put some dragon card into the game as well.
  • With equalizer, I want to maximize the card I can have with limited mana hence I placed fungus fiend and mycelic morphoid at the front to tank some damage before hitting my magic monsters.
  • Khmer princess on 3rd position as it is a cheap mana magic card and I would rather it drop first compared to my other monsters behind it. Makes it a cannon fodder with magic damage
  • Queen mycelia is for her +2 armor . Always use her whenever we can do it as the armor would help out quite a bit. She only cost 4 mana
  • I used Mushroom seer because I was worried of magic monsters on the enemy team . It is a fairly paper monster but equalizer is there so I am not worried. I could have chosen sporcerer too but I am dealing magic damage so armor is not on issue on me.
  • Naga Assassin is quite underrated because it is only using 2 mana and it got a very fast speed. Giving it advantage to dodge sneak attacks!


My monster is still surviving well at round 3 as there are a few missed on my naga assassin and the armor from queen plays a part in making the fiend tank more damage!


Fiend dropped but they only left with harpy and I gladly take the win~
Would like to share how kretch is useful in this ruleset making us saving mana and able to use a better card too as it is an epic summoner. Same cost with other summoner but more options? count me in!


I will check their price and state it below on 28 april 2022 02:53 am +8GMT time now . All at 1 BCX . In DEC.

Kretch TallevorNaga assassin
Cost Price3,941.031 DEC45.979 DEC
Rental Price0.71 DEC0.1 DEC

1000 DEC = 1.37 USD

I would like to suggest just buying the naga assassin or join some giveaway! sometimes we can see the communities giving out naga assassin on giveaway post! As for Kretch, I think it is a cheap price now considering how much I paid for it before haha but I think as of now it is more reasonable to just rent it as the use cases for it varies and if saving up 1 mana is important to you then we can use it like this low mana battle .

Thank for reading up the post ! Really enjoy making contents and sharing my battles with everyone here!


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MUSHROOM SEER is powerful.
Good battle , thanks for sharing!
Have a great day.

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Thank you ! I really love mushroom seer !! I always try to use if im against magic team

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Thanks for sharing! - @lenonmc21

It was a great battle, you used the rules very well in your favor. On the other hand, I would like you to add more details about your strategy, this for sure would add more quality, also, your post can look much better if you justify the text instead of centering it, it will give more order to the format.

Thank you!

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