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The RUNI NFT mint has started yesterday and I have to say that while I was skeptical at the start of the mint, the mint seems to be going well at this moment.
Some decent movement that doesnt appear to be wash trading with total volume over 100 ETH at this moment.
Some news sites like Bloomberg are reporting a 97% drop in NFT trading volumes. I know the rest of crypto is in a bad state but NFTs are really hurting right now.
All things considering, RUNIs are holding up well.

Personally, when it comes to the art of RUNIs, im lukewarm on them. Not really a fan or lootbox and bowling ball heads. Those two options aside, there are some nice combinations. Basically anything that has a head with what resembles a face looks good.
In that regard I got lucky, even though my RUNI has only 1 rare trait.

Make me an offer. 😉

The public mint starts November 3. That will really showcase how big of a success this becomes, or doesnt, for Splinterlands. SL players will always support the game, now its time to see how interesting the project is to outsiders.
Its a bear market, volumes are down, if all RUNIs are minted I would call that a massive success.

After the RUNI mint is over I am really looking forward to seeing more utility added to the game.
Im all for supporting Splinterlands but after the GEMS, the RUNIs, the Tower game packs, the GLS game im really looking forward to seeing SPS added utility, maybe some exchange listings, Land moving along.
Till then, I would conclude, that Matts idea was a good one, hopefully it translates into other things related to the game once everything is said and done with the mint.



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