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Pizza 420 The Calzones Guild

What's good fam! We just finished our brawl battle and waiting for the next one this is the recap of the recent brawl we had and current updates from our guild.

Pizza Brawl Battle

I place an entry for Bronze League / Alpha/Beta Set. I was thinking I should play on the higher tier to earn more rewards while I can and before the $SPS Staking update. I were able to finish the battle on 3rd place 4 Wins-1Loss with 12 points, earning 919 Merit(s) and 11.202 SPS.

Although we finished at #7 from the whole brawl battle with 96 Points, Total of 32 Wins- 48 Losses. I hope we can do better next time.
Check out the 3speak video for the highlights of my brawl battle.


Brawl Battle 1

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 3.02.07 AM.png

First Battle, The Splinter element was limited to Water, Light, and Dragon, All creatures had Sneak attack, Armored up, and Poison at every end of the round with Max Mana of 36. For this battle mainly focused on Creature cards that have high Health Points at the same position as my Sea Monster on the last position since it has a healing ability.
Rules of combat

Brawl Battle 2

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 3.01.56 AM.png

At 42 Mana pool I really thought I could pull this win, using Dragon Deck, with Equalizer, Ferocity, and Amplify ability. I think I used up too much of the Melee creatures and wasn't able to maximize the Magic damage fire power. so this is a hard lose battle versus light element.
Rules of combat

Brawl Battle 3

The Opponent wasn't able to input an entry for, and marked as Opponent has fled. so this was a plus 1 easy win for me. Yosh!
Rules of combat

Brawl Battle 4

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 3.02.19 AM.png

On this battle I took the opportunity of No legendary, No sneak or snipe, even with no heal. using the additional skill of Demoralize by Molten Ogre to decrease melee damage and used Naga fire wizard as Magic damage/tank and Chimney Wallstop as an extra hitter with reach. and so this was such an easy win!
Rules of combat

Brawl Battle 5

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 3.02.33 AM.png

This battle was at minimum mana cap of 22, With the combat rule of Ferosity, Aimless, and odds number creatures only, I figured to use Molten Ogre that has Demoralize that decreases all melee attacks, assuming that the opponent will be using Fire Splinter as well. while using Magic damaging creatures to aimlessly hit other position.
Rules of combat


Guild Update


Level 5 - Guild Hall
Pizza 420 The Calzone has a level 5 Guildhall, so we have Max Member capacity of 19, and currently we have 17 Members. So if you still don't have a guild and looking for one, kindly comment down below, or visit Hive-Pizza discord

To know more about Hive Pizza community visit https://hive.pizza

Level 4 - Lodge
Currently, our lodge is at level 4, and we have a Reward bonus is at 4% and Shop discount at 2%, we need 14 Focus more and we get to upgrade to level 5.

Level 3 - Guild Arena
Our Arena is currently at Level 4 at Level 2 Tier and total of 16 Frays. It's our road to level 5!

Level 3 - Guild Barracks
Our Barracks is aat level 3 and with tactics of 3, our current tactics are Advantage,Unleash 1, and Banish 1. This tactics are usable for our brawl battles.

Level 4 - Guild Store
Our Guild store is at level 4 and 99,000 DEC more to upgrade so we can gain more Merits during brawl battles, currently our Merit bonus is at 60%

Screenshot 2023-05-18 at 8.20.06 PM.png

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Photo source: © splinterlands in-game images, screen capture from in-game battles, pizza asset, artwork cover © lucimorningstar

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Welcome to the brawl reports!

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