What Cards is Life Splinter Losing Once Chaos Legion is Live?


Onto part 3 in the series. Over my last few posts, I've been covering the changes that will occur to each splinter once the Chaos Legion cards go live. With the introduction of the Modern League format, each splinter will not be able to play some of their best cards. Alpha, Beta, and Promo cards will only be allowed in the Wild Format.

Today, I'll cover which cards for the Life Splinter will no longer be playable in Modern League formats.

Any opinion I make about the cards is based on my experience in silver and bronze. Some of these cards might be amazing in gold or higher, but I don't have experience at those levels. Consider this a guide for silver and bronze players.

This is Part 3 in the series. You can check out the first two parts of the series here...

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What are we losing once Chaos Legion is live?

OK, we're not actually losing anything. All cards will still be viable in one of two different leagues, Modern and Wild. Being a relatively new player, I don't have any alpha, beta, or older cards so I've decided to stick it out in the Modern League.

You can only use cards from the Untamed Edition, Azmare Dice, and Chaos Legion Editions in the Modern League. So no Alpha or Beta cards will be allowed. This also means the "starter" cards will be changing as well.

Now that we understand what editions are playable, how does this affect the Life Splinter?

Life Splinter Common Card Losses


Woah, I play almost all these cards regularly. Life will be losing Silvershield Warrior, Feral Spirit, Silvershield Knight, Divine Healer, and Armorsmith.

Luckily Divine Healer has already been replaced by Venari Crystalsmith and Uraeus can be used in place of Feral Spirit. But losing Silvershield Knight and Armorsmith is a pretty big deal for Life teams especially since they depend on armor and melee damage.

Losing these cards is a severe nerf to Life. Hopefully, the replacement cards are just as good or better.

Life Splinter Rare Card Losses


Life teams will no longer have access to Clay Golem, Silvershield Paladin, Peacebringer, Silvershield Bard, and the summoner Tyrus Paladium.

Again, all these cards are surprisingly good in niche situations. Clay Golem is great for anti-magic, Bard is amazing for poison matches, and the summoner's +1 armor was a decent buff.

Life already has a hard time with magic teams and they are losing their main anti-magic tank. Not good.

Life Splinter Epic Card Losses


Life is losing Air Elemental, Kiara Lightbringer, and Defender of Truth. I'm not gonna miss any of these cards honestly. As someone who plays silver and rents cards daily, I don't think I've ever rented any of these cards. They just don't mesh well with my melee Life team strategies.

So I'm not too worried about these 3 cards leaving.

Life Splinter Legendary Card Losses


Angel of Light and the summoner The Peakrider are the two legendary cards we'll be losing for Modern League. No big deal here either.

I've never found a use for a 1 health rez in Silver leagues and the bonuses from the Peakrider are honestly pretty weak. A simple magic team negates all that armor he provides. Again, I've never even thought of adding either of these cards to my teams. They just seemed so underpowered.

What do we know so far about Chaos Legion Cards for Life?


Currently, Life has 3 new reward cards available.

First up is a common, Pelacor Conjurer. A low-mana tank with zero attacks, this card gets a boost at level 4 when it receives magic reflect. At max level, he seems to be a great anti-magic tank, but for silver, he's basically a Failed Summoner with less health. Still, Conjurer will see some play in my teams.

Next, we have a rare, Venari Crystalsmith. This card is basically a side-grade for the divine healer card but with ranged damage. That being said, Crystalsmith is in 90% of my Life teams. If I have the room, I'm always playing this card. Great job on this card!

Finally, we have an Epic, Djinn Renova. This card gives your team +1 health and a good source of magic damage. Maybe once summoners are released, Life will have a viable magic strategy and this card would be great. But right now all my life teams focus on melee and it can be hard to find room for a 7-mana magic damage dealer in the team.

How does Life Splinter look right now?

So Life is losing some decent common and rare cards that I play all the time. But, the epic and legendary cards that are leaving I never use. I'm hoping the new starter deck has some great replacements for those commons and rares though.

As for the reward cards, Crystalsmith is a meta-card for me. I use it all the time when I need to play Life Splinter. The other two reward cards are average but do have uses.

The current changes will definitely force me to change my Life Splinter playstyle once Chaos Legion cards are released.

Thanks for sticking around and reading!

If you made it this far I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time out of your day to read my post. I hope it was informative and helps you make better teams in Splinterlands!

Do you have any strategies you'd like to share? What Decks are you planning on using once Chaos Legion is live?

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