Super SPT Token Festival and Partnership with Splinterstats!

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Welcome friends, fans of our most beloved and best crypto game!


As always at the end of the season, I create new Novice League Tournaments with interesting prizes, and I am pleased to present this one, which will offer almost 25.000 SPT Tokens!

Super SPT Token Festival

What is SPT Token?

SPT is the Splinterlands game token based on the HIVE blockchain and works similarly to HIVE. SPT has a good market value, can be staked, or traded on the Hive Engine.


To learn more about the token, I recommend reading this recent post:

Lets Talk About Splintertalk / SPT & Use Cases! by @rentmoney.

Now another news I want to highlight is the partnership with the Splinterstats developed by @kiokizz, for those who still don't know, this project offers very useful Splinterlands tools:

Season Report Card
A tool for reflecting on and sharing your Splinterlands season play.

Rewards Cards
Data regarding the remaining reward edition cards for Splinterlands.

Cards by League Cap
A system to filter and sort Splinterlands Cards based on League Cap and other attributes.

Splinterstats, in addition to supporting in the tournament awards, provided a section on his Discord channel where tournament participants can ask questions.

For example, if you have won SPT tokens and do not know how to use them, or if you have been delegated a card but would prefer it to be delegated to another account, etc.

Just enter here to ask:

Splinterstats Discord Channel

Note that in the last section of the channel there is a part where you can talk about the tournaments, ask questions about strategies directly with me, or leave a message if you want to make donations to the prizes of the next events:


See you on Discord!

To finish, I would like to thank everyone who somehow helped with ideas and donations to make these tournaments possible:

@carrieallen, @kiokizz, @hapablap, @simplymike, @abcor, @jrvacation, @mattclarke, @unitqm, @davemccoy, @warrentrx, @byzantinist, @tanzofett, @masshole, @michealb, @clove71, @jimbobbill, @twinner, & @nealmcspadden.

You are amazing and without your help, this project would not be possible.

Good luck on the battlefield, and see you soon!

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Join the fun now: Sign up here.

Images: @brunup, SplinterTalk e @splinterlands



Its nice to see a tournament with SPT for rewards.


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Thanks, your post abaout SPT helped!

Hey @marianaemilia, here is a little bit of BEER from @rentmoney for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

Cool! :D

Nice job! Good luck in the season-ending! ~@clove71

Thanks! @clove71. As for the rewards of the season, my luck seems to have abandoned me, but there are still packs to save the day, let's see. :)

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It is a special tournament. I will be present on the battlefield.

Hello, @oadissin, thanks! Welcome and good luck!

I'll upvote you everytime I see ya thanks for your support!


I really appreciate these tournaments and I do believe they are a great help to all the newcomers to this game. I have introduced them to some of my guildmates in another game that are interested in Splinterlands.

@goliathus, Great! I am happy to hear. Welcome!

Gostei muito do SPT e do torneio, com certeza irei particitar :)