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RE: Splinterlands | Screaming Banshee Challenge

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Great way of using Screaming Banshee to balance out your opponents Rulers of the Sea. I do like Banshee at level 3 and up as it has blast.

Also fascinated by your monthly returns. I can’t even get 1/10th of that in a month. You must have a pretty strong deck and skill player. Keep up the good earnings ;)

@tipu curate


Well, the earnings are based on playing 2 accounts. (1 level 5 and 1 level 3 Golden). They also include all possible ways to earn from the game (aside from tournaments that I never really play). Daily quests, season rewards, DEC earnings, blogging earnings, SPT, Monstermarket cashback, affiliates. If you are consistent in your approach and add benefit from all the small earnings it really does add all up.