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I have been almost using @kiokizz Splinterlands tools daily but neglected to mention it as often as I should. In this post I will go over the different tools for any new comer who has yet to see these and maybe have it as a refresher for Splinterlands players.

Season Report Card


When you are in the page you think nothing much of it but in reality its an amazing tool. At the end of each season I always go to the Season Report Card to check out my accumulative earnings for the completed season. All the user has to do is sign in through hivesigner their hive account name that they use to play in Splinterlands and within a few minutes the system will consolidate a summary of the most recent completed season of the player.

The summary includes total DEC earned, rewards and cards earned, rental markets earned, ratio of wins to losses, SPS air drop earned, and many more stats all summarized for ease to read. On top of all that the data is placed into a template designed by Kiokizz that can be posted as blog post on to hive blockchain with the click of a button. This has got to be the easiest way to make a hive blog post.

For more info direct link from kiokizz himself on the Season Report Card Tool.

Reward Cards


This tool is by far my favorite. It is an all encompass amount of reward cards that has been distributed. Through the years of playing Splinterlands when ever I am in need of a collecting or buying a specific reward card I go through this tool to see if the card is nearly out of print or there are still many potential to be printed. This helps me in deciding if I want to buy enough of that card to max out or wait a bit longer in hopes that the card price falls further. The tool even shows all no longer in print reward cards and their exact amounts in circulation and whether they are regular or gold foil.

Cards by League Cap


This tool is somewhat new for me as I have not really used it. However a quick look in it I can see that it should be easy to understand. The tool basically is a quick sheet of what leagues will limit what level of any specific card in the game. So for instance if I am in Silver league I can filter water splinter cards at Silver league and identify any water card's max level and respective stats. It will allow users to export the filter lists into .csv that can be used in Excel. (However note it appears Chaos series has yet to be incorporated.)

Rich List


This is the fourth and last tool currently in the Kiokizz collection. It is the same exact tool for those who know Peakmonsters > Explore > Top Holders. I prefer using Peakmonsters since it allows multiple rich list on one screen.


(Courtesy of Peakmonsters.com)


There you have it an overview of Kiokizz's Splinterlands tools. They are a great resource in reviewing one's own progress in the game or check what how many reward cards are potentially in print. Such tools I have used for a couple years now and they are still as applicable today as they were back then. Hopefully you have learned something new or this was a good refresh course.

Until next time thanks for reading!!!

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Thanks for posting this overview. I do need to update that Cards by League Cap with new and updated filters 🤔

🤞 You will be seeing a new UI for the DEC/SPS/CREDITS/VOUCHER Balance History in the next few weeks, with a tad more functionality than Splinterlands provides.

For anyone reading the comments, https://splinterstats.net/ had recently come online for anyone looking for an easy to remember URL.

Do you have a similar tool for risingstar? @kiokizz

I haven't actually looked at Rising Star at all 🤔

Would you have any gameplay tutorials you'd recommend or summary info about the game?

this is what I used, https://peakd.com/risingstar/@thercek/a-beginners-guide-to-risingstar I guess there are other tutorials written since then. Anyway, they got really good music.

Nice Splinterlands tool, it is amazing how the ecosystem around this blockchain game is growing and we see all these third party apps coming to life. And all of the players and investors in this game and community.

Amen. Love it.

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Great apps, i to like the end of season summary report.