Secret battle mage challenge: earthquake

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Having a good day summoners? Its always thrilling participating in secret battle challenge this week's ruleset will test even the most season player as it requires some level of strategy to take out an opponent, earthquake ruleset solely depends on how a summoner chose to combine their lineup monster, to be one step ahead of an opponent one needs to add additional flying ability monster to their lineup this will increase a players chance of evading an opponent.


The ruleset are quite straightforward none flying ability monster takes additional physical damage at the end of each battle round.


Use flying ability monster to evade an opponent.

For this battle ruleset I used combine sormmorners life plus earth monster to take out my opponent with their first element monster below is the battle link for this ruleset.

Battle link


Battle ruleset


Monster with none flying ability will receive damage at the end of each round this makes and give flying ability monsters additional advantage in this ruleset there are no limits to number of flying ability monster one can use although in this ruleset monsters with boths kinds of abilities can be used against an opponent making it a bit difficult to predict an opponent next lineup moves.


In this battle 17 cost mana cap was given to each summoner to come up with their battle lineup earth element monster seem to have some decent monsters with flying ability so I used earth and life monster while my opponent used fire element monsters.

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Battle lineup


PELACOR CONJURER my first lineup monster is a life element monster with flying ability it has 25% chance of evading melee and range attack although it doesn't attack an opponent lineup monster it can be used as a good distraction on range and melee monster.


REGAL PERYTON Another flying ability monster with 25% chance to evade range and melee monsters it can attack and opponent tank with it magic attacking and good speed to deflect monsters with low speed attacks.


GOBLIN PSYCHIC from earth element this monster will add health to my tanks after each battle round it can also attack my opponent tank with some good damage.


MYCELIC MORPHOID my last lineup monster is a melee attacking monster although it use in this ruleset is very limited it can be used as a backup shield to protect my healing repair monster should in case my opponent come up with sneak monster.


Battle strategy

Since my lineup monsters are not much due to the mana cap used for this ruleset I maximise the best by using flying ability monsters for for my strategy as my opponent could also be coming up with low health monster with each battle round -2 health damage on my opponent lineup will cause a good damage on my opponent so my first strategy was to use flying ability monster as my tank and supporting monster my healing monster could be eliminated due to earthquake damage but this will buy me some time to have a fully healthy tank at the end of the battle.

Well my strategy for this ruleset did worked out quite fine as my flying ability monsters did save the battle to victory while my opponent was caught off guard with no flying monster in his lineup.

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Battle arena

The battle arena is set each player with their lineups monsters ready to rumble the battle lasted 3 rounds this was quite quick because health mana of monster are low with additional damages on each battle rounds.


Round 1 a battle of four against four in the first round my backline monster was eliminated as well as that of my opponent lineup which makes it three against three.


Round 2 only one monster from my opponent team made it out of round 2 the end battle round damage had a good effect on my opponent frontline while my flying monster where unaffected.


Round 3 the battle has been decided my opponent lineup couldn't stand the earthquake damage.

Battle link

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All Images used for this post are from Splinterlands website and community with some editing from Canva

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Challenge and battle was intense in Splinterlands arena for the entire week.
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Thanks much for stopping by do appreciate daily quest have been filled with fun though the battle arena isn't always for the faint hearted lol.

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