Secret battle mage challenge: Equalizer

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Equalizer gives lineup monsters additional health sats to all lineup monsters this ruleset is kinda straightforward for anyone to understand how it plays.

Let's say your lineup monsters have been selected and ready to rumble in the battle arena the initial health of all your monsters will change to the highest health stat of your highest lineup monster with higher health, for most most splinterlanders their tanks always carry the highest health stat which mean all other subsequent lineup monster will have same level of health stat as your tank it simple but very strategic ruleset that require good level of come up strategy.

Hint for this ruleset

  1. Equalizer gives all lineup monsters additional health stats

  2. Use good tank to maximise a good initial attacking damage on your opponent.

  3. Shield, health and scavenging monsters are a plus winning strategy

  4. Rang attack can prevent direct contact with opponent monsters with thorn ability and finally take good advantage of sneak and opportunity monster.

From the tips above splinterlanders will understand Equalizer ruleset doesn't limit use of monster with other special abilities which means anything goes an opponent can't be easily predicted therefore one have to meticulously plan their battle strategy.


For this battle ruleset I used fire element monster to take out my opponent with their death element monster below is the battle link for this battle ruleset.

Battle link

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Battle ruleset


All unit start with the same health based on initial health stat of monster with the highest health although this ruleset looks very straightforward it's not as simple as it seem setting up a good lineup to come up against an opponent can be very challenging since your opponent have same opportunity as you it requires a good level of tactics to have a formidable lineup.

For this ruleset any monster can be used in the battle arena sneak, range, opportunity, magic and more this makes it hard to guess what your opponent can come up with.

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Battle detail


For this battle ruleset 23 cost mana cap was given for both team to come up with their lineup monster I used fire element monster for this ruleset while my opponent came up with death element monster.

For the battle ruleset my scavenging ANT MINERS monster did champion the battle leading my team to victory.


Battle lineup


LIVING LAVA My first lineup is a shield ability monster it can reduce attack from range and melee by 50% it can also attack with good damage effect it has the highest health stat with mean all my other following lineup monsters will have initial health of eight stats.


SERPENTINE SPY in a normal battle ruleset SERPENTINE SPY should not be used as second lineup monster since it will be having some good health stat I can be used to evade and opponent lineup more easily with it opportunity ability.


GOBALANO SOLDIER my third lineup a sneak attacking monster with ambush ability it can attack my opponent backline monster.


ANT MINERS this melee attacking monster only attack from frontline position but it has another special ability which gives it more health stat whenever a unit monster is eliminated form the battle arena.


LAVA SPIDER my last lineup monster a range attacking monster with snipe monster it looks for an opponent range or magic monster and attacks them first.


Battle strategy

As stated from my intro Equalizer battle ruleset need some good battle strategy here my tank with shield ability will take good damages from my opponent glad my opponent did not come up with multiple magic attackers. My opportunity and sneak attackers will infiltrate my opponent lineup from backline and centre while my range attacking monster will also be attacking my opponent magic and range monsters. My scavenger monster will be used for last monster standing since it can gain more health as the battle get more intense.

My lineup setting and battle strategy was well organised I took out my opponent with my scavenging monster and range monsters leading the way to victory.


Battle arena


This was a long streak battle which lasted 15 rounds since all lineup monsters have high health stat the battle is expected to be a bit long my opponent came up with good strategy adding shield repair and a magic attacker while on my end with good tank and a sneak, opportunity, range and scavenging monster seem I was a bit up with my strategy.


Round 1 First round the battle hasn't gone too wild in round 1 to 2 no monster was eliminated from both sides my opponent came up with five lineup monster while I also did came up with five lineup monsters.


** Round 2,3** First monster was eliminated in round 3 making it five against four my opponent tank was eliminated at this round making my opponent lineup more vulnerable.


Round 4,5 Another monster eliminated from my opponent side.


Round 15 the battle was a long one at the final round only two of my lineup monster made it to the final round leading to victory.

Battle link

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All Images used for this post are from Splinterlands website and community with some editing from Canva

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