Secret battle mage challenge: Even Stevens

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Hi summoners another exciting week to keep having fun playing blockchain game splinterland. This week ruleset isn't that much technical as it's very straightforward and simple to play not sure this ruleset requires much stretch in planning out strategy just make good use of your even mana monster and you're good to kick start the arena and take out your opponent.

There's no much much tips or hint to carry out for this ruleset the rules are quite easy to understand.

A. Basis rule one all monsters must have even mana cap

B. Summoners are not affected in terms of what mana summoners to be used.

C. This is where it all gets tricky all abilities monsters can be used in this ruleset as long they are even mana monsters.

D. This ruleset isn't as simple as it is put as players will need to be ready for even the worst outcome lineup monster from their opponent.


For this battle ruleset I took out my opponent with my water element monster while my opponent as well came up with water element monster below is the battle link.

Battle link

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Battle ruleset


Even mana ruleset means all lineup monsters that will be used in the battle arena most have even mana monsters without even mana can not be used in this battle ruleset. Interesting other abilities monsters like opportunity, sneak, range, magic and more monster are not affected in this ruleset as long they are even mana monsters they can be used as lineup monsters.

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Battle detail


For this battle ruleset 24 cost mana cap was given to both players to come up with their lineup monster my opponent came up with water element monster while I did came up with water element monster as well since the cost mana cap for this battle isn't that much both players did not come up with multiple monster in the battle arena but in the end I still came out victorious taking out my opponent.


Battle lineup


DJINN OSHANNUS my first lineup monster is a magic attacker with good health stat and speed it stands as a good tank because of its void ability against other monsters with magic or range attack it can attack from from any position a very suitable monster for tank in low mana cap battle.


MAD OGRE ANARCHIST my next lineup monster is an opportunity monster that can attack an opponent monster with the weakest health stat it always look for monster with more disadvantages and attack their weak points so as to create more loop holes for an opponent.


DEEPLURKER another opportunity monster that attacks an opponent weakest link DEEPLURKER has good speed for attacks with such lineup my opponent stands little chance.


**Battle Battle strategy

For this ruleset since limited monster will be needed for battle lineup which only includes even mana monsters my lineup was simple and very formal my tank being a void monster will server as a good shield against my opponent attack, it can attack as well as be a good shield defence, my subsequent opportunity monsters will pin point and concentrate on my opponent weakest monsters and take them out immediately.

My strategy did workout as mapped out my tank serve it purpose holding the frontline while my two opportunity monster ferociously attacked my opponent monsters with no mercy my opponent couldn't stand my fierce attack.


Battle arena


The battle lasted four rounds that was quick though my opponent wasn't able to eliminate any monster from my lineup it was a quick and simple battle as both my lineup monsters were busy attacking my opponent lineup from both sides.


Round 1 first round wasn't good for my opponent as my opportunities monster attacked my opponent last line monster and get rid of my opponent backline monster.


Round 2 it is now three against two in this second round no monster was eliminated from both teams.


Round 3 here my opponent tank got eliminated from the battle there no chance for my opponent it's now three against one.


Round 4 the battle have been decided my opponent goes back defeated while I take the victory this time.

Battle link

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All Images used for this post are from Splinterlands website and community with some editing from Canva

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