Secret battle mage challenge: Five Alive

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Summoners happy weekend it's been an adventurous week along with lot of busy schedules, as usual this doesn't stop the fun for playing my favourite blockchain game splinterland as it has been the battle arena has been thrilling and filled with formidable opponent from different part of the world this requires we also need to up our playing strategy to keep with winning battle in the arena.

This week's secret mage introduces a new set if skilled ruleset that could be new for some players while others are already aquitainted with the new ruleset.

Five alive new ruleset requires a summoners to come up with battle units in the arena not more than five, so basically a player can always come up with a max of six units for their battle but for this new ruleset one most stick to the ruleset by coming up with only five units.


For this battle ruleset I came up with fire element monster while my opponent came up with fire element it was a battle of fire against fire below is the battle link for the battle.

Battle link

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Battle ruleset


Five alive this ruleset looks pretty straight forward for players to unlock but as the name suggests only five units can be used against an opponent although it kinda sound straight forward the ruleset require a good level of strategy if a player will like to take out their opponents.

Hit to consider in this ruleset.

  1. Only five units could be used but this strategy doesn't limit use of summoners from different units.

  2. Players can choose to come up with formidable units since there are no ability limits.

  3. Magic, sneak, range and so on monsters are not limited for use in this battle ruleset unlike magic ruleset where only monsters with magic abilities can be used in five alive ruleset anything goes.

  4. Finally anything goes in this ruleset as long you stick to the rule of using five units.

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Battle detail


For this battle ruleset I've actually expected some good mana cost cap but happens I and my opponent are given 16 mana cap to come up with our battle units, this could limit players choice of coming up with good lineup monsters although my fire element monster did good but my opponent get the best of this battle.


Battle lineup


LIVING LAVA My first lineup monster as a tank has the ability to reduce melee and range attack by 50% with such monster placed as tank I can have a good shielding attack against range and melee monster.


SERPENTINE SPY this monster is an opportunity attacking monster that can look and attacks and opponent weakest line monster in the battle it comes very handy although having love health stat it easily get eliminated from battle line.


ANT MINERS this monster is a scavenging monster it health increase anytime a monster is eliminated from the battle arena it can only attack when in frontline.


RADIATED SCORCHER this is a melee attacking monster that can only attack from tank position being put at backline makes this monster to stand in as a shield against opponent backline attack.


Battle strategy

There's no excuse, though my opponent did came up with some good strategy which was quite awesome.

For this battle strategy since the cost mana cap was low my plan was to have a good shielding tank that can withstand some good attacks from my opponent while taking advantage of the battle with my opportunity monster to quickly take out my opponent tanks since there is very low chance of my opponent coming up with monsters with good health stat. My scavenging monsters will gain more health as more monsters are eliminated from the battle.

Well it turns out my strategy did not work out well my lineup setting was not as organised as I did except which makes my opponent take up the victory.


Battle arena


The battle lasted only four rounds my lineup monsters got ambushed which makes it much easier to my opponent to take down good list of my monster before I even landed some attacks.


Round 1 its a battle of five against four first round wasn't in my favour as my monsters got ambush this lead to three monsters from my lineup been eliminated in first round.


Round 2 here only my tank was left in the battle and it managed to take out few of my opponent lineup monsters.


Round 3 at end of round three monsters already from my opponent side have been eliminated but my tank can't make it.


Round 4 here the battle was decided and my opportunity won the battle.

Battle link

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All Images used for this post are from Splinterlands website and community with some editing from Canva

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