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Today's social media challenge I want to explore a new card a very rare card that's hard to come by in the arena.

While I was exploring splinterland shop section I come across this rare chaos/riftwatcher monster TINDERLOCK a fire element monster which is a bit underrated but has lots of battle potential this card can't go unnoticed in any battle I use it mostly in battle with high cost mana since the card demands some good mana in order to be used in any battle arena.


How and where to use TINDERLOCK

  1. This monster is mostly suitable for high mana cost battle although it can also be very effective on one on one battles.

  2. Most range attacking monsters are not suitable for tank but this one can be used as tank.

  3. Monster lineup position: any setting can do.

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With the introduction of the new rebellion edition most chaos region cards have been moved to wild playing format which also means TINDERLOCK will have no much use for splinterlanders that prefer playing morden format battle.

If you're wild format season player than this could be a most hold card for increasing your chances of winning battle.

Level 1-3

At level one to three TINDERLOCK monster possesses two ability which are Last stand this ability gives this monster 1.5× multiplier speed and health stats when all lineup monsters are eliminated.

Ability two close range second ability is the close range which allows TINDERLOCK to attack from frontline tank position.

At level one TINDERLOCK holders stand a good chance of winning a battle with their last stand ability that gives them multiplier ability.

Level 4-6 at this level TINDERLOCK has an additional ability which is Silence this ability reduce all magic attack effect attack from opponents.

From level 7 to 8 which is the last TINDERLOCK monster has ability of Deathblow this ability allow the monster to give 2× damage to an opponent last standing monster.

Like stated previously TINDERLOCK monster can only be used in wild format mode if you're looking at winning more battles in the arena I think this is a good card to hold.

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Using TINDERLOCK in arena

For this battle ruleset with a 21 cost mana cap for battle I used TINDERLOCK monster with an additional monster LIVING LAVA this monster has shield ability to reduce attacks from range and melee monsters my opponent came up with death element monster it was a battle of two against five but my strategy and use of TINDERLOCK monster lead to my victory.


Battle strategy


With my two lineup monster my strategy was very easy and simple first was to use a shield monster that reduces opponent damage then second was to use TINDERLOCK monster to strike my opponent tank hard since my second line monster can serve as a tank with multiplier health and attacking power my focus was more on my backline monster.

My strategy did work out well as the battle arena lasted seven round with my TINDERLOCK monster gaining multiplier boost to take out my opponent lineup.


Round 1 round one stated well with all lineup monsters including my TINDERLOCK monster having its normal health, speed and attacking power.


Round 3 at the end of round 3 my tank got tank was eliminated this gave my TINDERLOCK monster last stand ability which multiplied it health, speed and attacking power.


last round my TINDERLOCK monster was having additional health, power and speed at the end of the battle.

Below is the battle link for this battle using TINDERLOCK monster to take out my opponent.

Battle link

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All Images used for this post are from Splinterlands website and community with some editing from Canva

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