Splinterlands Social Media Challenge: Tips for Beginners!

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Summoners its another good time to share some beginners tips, it's our duty to keep spreading those web3 ideas to users out there for the space to keep evolving, its kinda catchy how web2 users find it a bit difficult to navigate most web3 games which is why sharing with the world will help suffice newbies anxiety in this space.

Before we delve into our beginners tips its important to understand web3 space is not as difficult as most people decide to put it, thanks to technology we can always get our hands on some important video and documentary from other users sharing their experience and we can always learn from their tips which is why you're also here to know more about splinterland and tips on how it works.


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About splinterland

Splinterland is a blockchain game.

Well blockchain technology is kinda of a transparent protocol built to increase users trust.

With blockchain comes decentralization which creates trust between players and developers things are done in open consensus.

In general splinterland rewards game enthusiasts for their time for competing with other players in the arena. In splinterland played can get cool rewards like None Fungible tokens (NFTS) these NFTS can be rent out to other players for income incentive, they can be sold in the marketplace as well they can be used to boost a players gaming skill in the arena, splinterland is all about strategy you beat an opponent by coming up with your cool cards collection lineup your cards holding most times determine your victory in the arena although strategy matters alot in splinterland.

In general splinterland isn't just for gamers, investors can also take advantage of the blockchain game by either buying these cards and put them out for rent, stake splinterland (SPS) in game tokens for cool rewards buy splinterland token and hold for future gains.

Here you can read more about splinterland

Getting started with splinterland is easy create an account buy a spell book and you're all set to start your first battle in the arena creating an account takes few step and you're in.

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Getting Started

If you're still reading you've come far that's a good am glad you're still here now let's explore how you can start your first battle after successfully creating your first splinterland gaming account.

Like I said from my Introduction everything in crypto space is well explained you can always get video tutorial from other channels and learn. To save you time and stress after creating your account you can easily learn how to play your first battle by watching tutorial video in the splinterland homepage.


The first step after you're login to your new account from the homepage navigation the How to play box at the right side of your device and click on it.

This will redirect to to a new view like the one below showing Play tutorial click on it to watch how to start your new battle.


After watching the short clip tutorial you can head to homepage the battle button is very visible click on it and start your first battle challenge good luck in the arena.



Strategy Tips for Beginners

A very simple tip for anyone new to splinterland is consistency and open to learning the first part which requires consistency is making sure to play splinterland at least everyday set a spare time for playing, for a beginner your first few week playing might not be all that smooth but with practice and consistency you will be amazed how you're getting better and better by the day.

The next tip is always be ready to learn splinterland is all about your strategy always watch your opponent closely how they set up their lineup and learn from their winning strategy.

Last community engagement is very important splinterland have various social platforms where they engage with users I specially love engaging with splinterland x account as there are weekly challenge that reward users with some cool chaos region cards dont miss out and tap in the potential of community engagement.

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Share Your Early Experience

The only challenge I faced when I started out in splinterland was lack of basis information I had to learn the hard way which includes losing multiple battle challenge since I had no idea about tutorial video I just played randomly until I got used to most of the navigation features and playing strategy in the game.

Below a saved battle ruleset using enraged ability this ruleset gives all lineup monsters enrage ability which multiplies their damaging power.


For this battle I used life element monster while my opponent used water element monster.

The battle lasted seven round where I emerged victorious at the end of the battle.

Battle link

Join splinterland play and earn rewards while having fun with you monster collection, let's meet the battle arena setup an account for free here enjoy amazing features of blockchain gaming.

All Images used for this post are from Splinterlands website and community with some editing from Canva

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