Road to Opening 1000 Chaos Legion Packs - Week 39 | Splinterlands #220

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Another week has gone by in my challenge to open 1000 Chaos Legion packs, and I will closely monitor and transparently share all details about the challenge in these posts.

Road to opening 1000 Chaos Legion Packs Week 39 Update

I came across this tweet about big empty rooms at NFT London this past weekend. The perennial bear market is affecting all sectors of the crypto ecosystem, and NFTs have especially been worse affected. Often there are news articles about crypto punks, crypto monkeys, and whatever JPEG NFT is crashing and how there is no trading volume, i.e., there is no demand or appetite for them. Thankfully splinterlands is an NFT ecosystem with utility, and the splinterlands NFTs can be utilized daily to play and earn. This keeps me hopeful during this challenge, as there haven't been many highs. This week delivers another mediocre week with not even one legendary card, but it's par for the course. The yield averages around -$0.92 per pack, i.e., for every pack opened, you expect to lose -$0.92 of value spent on it.

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