Land-Speculation: OVERVIEW

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Greetings Friend

Just a quick heads-up: I am working on this project (or at least the idea of it) for quite some time now. Usually I create my posts bilingual (german & english). However to ensure better readibility I decided to seperate the posts this time. So if you are interested in the German-Version just visit this post:


So without further ado, here are my thoughts about the upcoming land-expansion

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When I first heard about Crypto-Gaming I immediatley thought: Wouldn't it be awesome to have a digital TCG like Pokémon or MTG on the blockchain? I was a big fan of hearthstone and spent quite some money on it over the time, so I always felt it would be awesome if I was able to sell/trade those cards again when I no longer want to play and exit the game. Thats how I found Splinterlands and I instantly fell in love with it.

I am telling you this cause I somehow felt the same excitement when I first heard about the land-expansion. This time I was wondering how the functionality will turn out in the end and the first thought I had was: What if it was similar to this MMORTS I used to play a lot? And my mind exploded


So the game I want to talk about is called "Stronghold Kingdoms". Most of you might know the name "Stronghold" from an old-school strategy game. But in 2012 they also released an MMO-style game using the Stronghold theme.


Functionality-wise it is quite different to the strategy-game but in this post I want to dive a little into the different mechanics in this game and how I think it will be similar to the Splinterlands Land-Expansion and I will further talk about how Splinterlands could actually benefit from looking into this game. So yeah, if that sounds interesting to you: Grab yourself a snack and enjoy reading about me doing a bunch of speculation 😁

Maybe also as a quick disclaimer: Sometimes in this writing process I might have focused too much on the descriptions of the Stronghold-Kingdoms mechanisms. So if you dont like that, I am sorry. However I really think that it might give people some fuel for new speculations. Please also note that I am not part of the Splinterlands-Team, so everything I say in my posts are just my thoughts about the expansion. I can't guarantee for 100% accuracy on all the details but I really made an effort to put this together. So I hope you have fun 👍

To ensure better readibility though I didnt want to pack everything into one big monstrosity of a Post.
Thats why I decided to write about the different game-elements in seperate Posts.

This one is merely an overivew of the whole "project"
So feel free to head over to the different topics below by clicking the corresponding image:

So those were the 6 topics I wanted to dive into. Yes I know that there still may be things unmentioned and it could be possible that I add some posts to this in the future. E.g. "Items and Spells" and how they will work, which would be an interesting topic, however there is not really an equivalent within Stronghold Kingdoms and for a start I wanted to focus on comparing the 2 games and mechanics.

Thank you so much for powering through the post. Please let me know what you think in the comments. Maybe you also have a particular game in mind or maybe just a particular mechanic you would like to see in Splinterlands, let me know.

I would also love some feedback so I can improve my posts so feel free to leave those aswell.

Thanks for the support

Yours, Moriarty (THE GRANDMASTER)




Super interesting series. I am just listening to the Land Stream #4 and stumbled upon your blog. I should have followed a fellow guild member much earlier. ;-)

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I actually dont post stuff that often so I am pretty sure I am not on the radar of most people 😅 But thanks for stopping by now, means a lot 😊


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