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PeakMonsters recently pushed a new cool update called Collection Sets. This feature allows you to choose cards from your Collection and turn them into a Set. The cooler part about this is, you can use these Sets as a filter, making it much easier to manage our collection, and group them accordingly to our own needs.

In this post, I will be sharing with you the Sets that I've been making in my PeakMonsters account. Feel free to share your SETS as well!

Note: If you want to learn more about the Collection Sets feature, check out this post.


Mozzie's Collection Sets


Since my collection is quite small (300+ cards), it is quite easy to go through my cards one by one sorted by name. This has also helped me Combine all the cards that I haven't combined yet before creating sets.

For my first one, I wanted to create a Set that I will use regularly for playing. This way, it will be easier to exclude cards that I use in my ranked battles for any delegating, selling, and renting out process.

Filtered collection with the PLAYING set

As you can see on the top-left portion of the dropdown menu, the 90 cards that I have added for this Set gives a total of 40,115 CP. That is important because it means that I can play at Silver II even if I rent out all the cards in my Collection EXCEPT those that are in my Playing Set.

Renting Out

While I can just use the Not In Playing Set and Delegated = No filter for this, I have decided to add a separate Set for the cards that I will be renting out so that it's way more flexible and easier to make adjustments as I accumulate more cards moving forward.

Filtered collection with the RENTING OUT set

Similar to the previous section, the important part here is the 20,900 CP in the top-left portion of the dropdown menu. Since I created this Set with end of season rentals in mind, this gives me a ballpark figure of how much I could possibly earn with respect to the usual CP/DEC rate during the end of season.

Bronze Gold Foil Fray Brawls Delegation

Brawls Delegation Set

Sharing is caring! I have also made a Collection Set to easily delegate to whoever will be playing the Bronze Gold Foil fray in our guild brawl. Since this is something that we do often in our guild, it is very helpful to have a quick way to filter the cards that I will be delegating to my guildmate!

Chaos Legion Tournaments

Chaos Legion Epic Cards

Since I usually join Novice Chaos Legion Tournaments organized by Splinterlands, I have decided to create an additional set just for the CL epic cards that I own. The idea behind this is so that I can quickly cancel the rentals (if I'm renting them out) in just few clicks, whenever the tournament is about to start.

Leveling Up

Cards that I want to buy / level up

This is probably one of the toughest things for me to keep track in my collection -- cards that I want to level up. Given that my budget in building a deck is limited, there will always be cards that I want to buy & I usually just track it by memory or sometimes an Excel file.

Filtering with Leveling Up SET

With my Leveling Up Collection Set, I just now have to filter it with SETS, then I can quickly see which cards I need buy from the market!


Adding cards to the Selling Set

For this Collection Set, it's basically a dump of cards that I won't be playing and building in the near future, but I've decided not to sell YET. The delay in selling might differ from one card to another. Essentially, it's just a stockpile of cards that I'm not yet interested in, and I'm willing to sell in the future.

That's it for the Collection Sets that I have made using the new PeakMonsters feature. Feel free to leave in the comments section what you think of this new feature and what kind of sets you will be making!

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Showing the filtered list in your collection may be more visually pleasing... but awesome to see these.

You're correct, I updated it for the ones that used the stacked dropdown. Thanks, Jarvie!

There are getting to be so many cool features with Peakmonsters that it's nice to see some of them get talked about on a regular basis. I didn't know about these but I will definitely be checking them out.

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It's definitely something that you should check out! Please share as well what kind of collections you'll be making. It's exciting to see how various players will use it 😁

Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121