Today My Splinterlands Social Media Challenge My Art Photo. "GARGOYA SCRAPPER"

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Hello friends how are you all hope all is well Friends, today is Mande . I drew a picture in the Splinterlands social media Contest. This image is a character from an online game. This online game is Splinterlands. today I Art this giant character.which character name is GARGOYA SCRAPPER.


Friends This character is a picture of a Splinterlands game card. In this picture I have drawn my pen pencil with rubber and color pencil. I have tried to make this picture a similar art. Today I will tell you how I make the picture. Really this character Grim Reaper look like very dangerous.
Materials I use This draw.,Black Penpensil
,A4White paper,Color pens,rabar,Highlighter,pen,Marker pen
This character is a picture of a game card.



Friends, I will tell you how I drew this picture. First I draw this character from head to toe with my dark pencil. First I draw the head then the body and the arms tick with my pencil.



After drawing the whole character with pencil I draw this character again with pen. And then I mixed the color of the pencil with rubber. Drawing with a pen makes the character much brighter.



Then I paint this character. At first I used red on the wings of this character. Then I use the yellow color of the horns on the head. And let's color the eyes.



Then finally I paint this character's teeth yellow. And I use pencil colors on different parts of the body. The pencil colors reveal a shadow. And the whole character I finish drawing.


Finally I finished drawing this QUEN MYCELIA. And I draw this way.Splinterlands Social Media Challenge.
You can participate in this challenge. All of you are invited

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you drawing is well and look very good, keep continue this good effort and enjoy my little vote

Your little vote inspires me. Thank you so much Dear for your valuable vote and a nice comment.