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RE: Team Possible Shithole is a Centralised Mafia Dictatorship Run by Two-Faced Psycopathic Bullies with Fake Smiley Faces

in Splinterlands3 years ago

First off, good on the health front. I've wondered on more than a few occasions since we last spoke on Discord how you were getting on. What you just went through was a terrifying thing and no matter how much balls a man claims to have, it yanks the floor right out from underneath him. Hearing that you came out on the winning side and have solid earth back beneath you is a relief to say the least.

So you let old silver tongue grumpy Dave talk ya into playing at the tourney level? Lol. That old man could talk a nun out of her knickers or a car salesman into a given a freebie. Lol. That's why I don't talk SL with him. He'll have me back to playing before I know it. Part of old Daves charm. Well that and he is genuinely a good guy. Not enough of them in the world nowadays. He's definitely a leviathan when he decides he wants to do something good for others. The guy turns into a machine then and is just non stop. I still maintain the most fun I've had in this space was working with him back in the steemit days.

In regards to the game, I've got my partner playing my account as I went off SL a bit. Partly due to the changes a while back, partly due to time constraints. I've been busier than a one armed sailor with a bad case of crabs lately. But I had all the cards sitting there and she gets a kick out of playing... Well when she's winning. When she's losing it's a case of tourettes in the other room. Lol. Despite having gone off playing I have considered on a few occasions dropping some cash on creating a tournament and with a large DEC prize pool once a month for all levels. The turn around looks good on those and one could break the pool down where even mid range players could get something. I take my hat off to you playing where your at btw. That's those sky high leagues where it gets to tough for me to even consider playing even if I could. I'd probably lose patience after a loosing streak and chuck the computer across the room. Lol.

It's good to hear from you matey and see you posting again. Above all it's good to hear you're keeping healthy and doing well. That's the best news and part of this post.